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15% off Tesamorelin & Thymosin Alpha 1

15% off Tesamorelin & Thymosin Alpha 1

Don’t miss our latest deals of the month with Peptide Sciences. We are offering an amazing 15% off research peptides Tesamorelin & Thymosin Alpha 1. You can’t afford to miss this fantastic offer for those in the research industry. But you have to be quick. These huge savings are around for a short time only. So, make sure you place your order today.

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Tesamorelin For Sale 15% off Limited Time Only

Tesamorelin is a research peptide that can reduce excess fat in the abdomen area. It is most effective in people with HIV who are prone to gaining weight in the belly area due to HIV treatment. Tesamorelin peptide is not known as a weight loss treatment. It is most effective in increasing growth hormone levels, lean muscle mass, improving bone strength, burning fat and boosting immune function. Tesamorelin has been around in laboratories for a long time. It is easy to manufacture and at a competitive price.

15% off Tesamorelin & Thymosin Alpha 1

Thymosin Alpha 1 For Sale 15% off Until 11/1/22 11:59 PM PST

Thymosin Alpha-1 is a research peptide deriving from the thymus gland tissue. It has a strong influence on immune function. Thymosin Alpha 1 plays a part in strengthening the immune system. It can stop viruses from forming and promote the formation of new cells. Ultimately, scientists can use Thymosin Alpha 1 to prevent viral infections and treat chronic illnesses. There are reports that Thymosin Alpha 1 reduced death in some severe Covid 19 cases due to its ability to restore white blood cells and increase T-cell Levels.

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Buy Bronchogen Peptide For Lung Research

Buy Bronchogen Peptide

Buy Bronchogen Peptide 20mg peptide vials for research now from the leading US research manufacturer Peptide Sciences. NEW to our on online store is Bronchogen 20mg peptide bioregulator. It is showing to be effective in improving lung health and treating lung disease. Most of us have heard of lung diseases and how fatal they can be. While some of them are manageable there is still a lot of them that are difficult to treat. Here we cover some of the main lung diseases that Bronchogen might one day be able to treat!

Why The Need For Bronchogen Peptide?

Lung diseases are one of the most common diseases worldwide. Many people are genetically predisposed to developing the respiratory condition. The workplace and environment significantly impact our lung health. One thing is undeniable – smoking is the most common cause of respiratory diseases around the globe.

Smoking, infections and genetics are responsible for most cases of respiratory diseases globally. The lungs are part of a complex apparatus, working tirelessly to supply oxygen to the body while removing carbon dioxide from it. Diseases of the lungs can cause problems in any part of this complex system of the human body.

What Is Bronchogen Peptide Bioregulator?

With so many lung diseases the need for treatment is high on the list in research laboratories. Bronchogen peptide bioregulator is still in the early stages of studies. But, it is showing to effective in improving the health of lung tissue  and treating some lung conditions. It can reduce inflammation and damage and help improve overall tissue health because cells stay healthy for longer.

<<Buy Bronchogen Peptide for Lung Research>>

Most common lung diseases and causes

Pulmonary thromboembolism (PTE)

– a life-threatening condition in which part of the pulmonary vascular network suddenly becomes impassable.


– a common chronic inflammatory disease characterized by symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath and wheezing in the chest.


– inflammation of the lung, in which the pleura becomes inflamed and causes sharp chest pain.


– an infection of the lungs caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi. It causes inflammation of the white matter alveoli and their filling with fluid or pus.


– an infectious disease that mainly affects the lungs. Extrapulmonary forms with the involvement of other organs and systems also develop.

Purulent lung diseases

– diseases are proceeding with purulent inflammation of varying severity, often as the final stage of an acute or chronic infection.

Inflammatory lung diseases

– Acute rhinitis and sinusitis, acute pharyngitis, acute laryngitis and other respiratory system conditions.

Interstitial lung diseases

– a large group of difficult-to-diagnose diseases due to developing a specific type of lung tissue inflammation.


– one of the leading causes of disability, illness and premature death!

So, now we know the variation of lung diseases that are waiting for a cure to be found. what is the difference with peptides and peptide bioregulators?

First up, peptides are a group of substances whose molecules comprise two or more amino acids. Peptides comprise about half of all known hormones and most enzymes. However, there is a particular class of compounds – peptide bioregulators. These differ from other peptides in their ability to initiate protein synthesis.

Peptide bioregulators were discovered in the 1970s by the scientist, gerontologist, professor, doctor of medical sciences V.H. Khavinsohn. Hence, that is why they are called Khavinsohn peptides.

Where Do Khavinsohn’s Peptides Come From In The Cells?

The protein synthesized in the cell does its job and is then destroyed. With the help of peptidase enzymes, it is “cut” into fragments. Some of them leave the body through the excretory system. Another part is fragmented. Some protein fragments contain parts of amino acids linked in a certain way. These are the peptide bioregulators discovered by Khavinsohn.

The bioregulator is tightly bound to a specific region of the DNA molecule. It connects to this section like a magnetic key that signals a magnetic lock to open the door. The DNA molecule is unfolded, the information is taken and a matrix information sheet (RNA) is built, which will be used to synthesize a protein – the same one that was previously discarded.

Accordingly, bioregulatory peptides form from proteins, but the same proteins cannot be synthesized without them.

Why Take Peptide Bioregulators?

Even under ideal conditions, the healthy organism uses its internal reserves to fill only 90% of the peptide deficit, and the remaining 10% is from food. The problem begins the moment the body is subjected to stress factors:

-sedentary lifestyle
-stuffy rooms
-improper nutrition
-bad ecology, etc.

Under their influence, organs and tissues gradually wear out and lack the peptides supplied with food. It is where peptide preparations come to the rescue, temporarily compensating for this deficiency.

Later, when the tissue produces the required amount of proteins, its function will return to normal. But if the body is stressed, the organs and tissues will again be damaged and need external help.

How Do Khavinsohn’s Peptides Work?

Bioregulators affect only the organ from which they are isolated. For example, Endoluten will act on the pineal gland, and Vizoluten – on the eyes. Therefore, specialists can prescribe a course of several preparations with different peptides in their composition. However, experts do not recommend taking more than five bioregulators simultaneously.

The first thing to do is to influence the mechanism of adaptation to stress and put the detoxification system in order. That is why with preparations for the recovery of the neuroendocrine, immune, vascular and nervous systems and then normalize the functioning of other systems and organs with the help of local peptides: liver, cartilage, blood vessels, etc.

How To Take Peptide Bioregulators

Peptide preparations have a cumulative effect – each subsequent course is more effective than the previous one. After a 1-3 month course of peptides, they are effective for another six months. Therefore, only two courses of peptide bioregulators per year are needed to maintain the proper functioning of the organs.

Peptide bioregulators are compatible not only with each other but also with traditional drugs. Thanks to their intake, it is possible to reduce the drug – of course, after examination and consultation with a doctor.

Indications for Taking Peptide Bioregulators

All people should take peptide bioregulators over the age of 30. They are suitable for people who live or work in an environment of increased stress and poor environmental conditions: residents of megacities, factory workers, and office workers.

Types And Classification Of Peptide Bioregulators

There are thirty-eight  peptide bioregulators:
Twenty-one natural – animal raw materials are used for their production since peptide bioregulators are the same in all mammals. Their length is 10-20 amino acids, of which 2-4 amino acids make up the active part. In addition to the main bioregulator, peptides from other organ tissues are present.

A noticeable effect appears after about a week and lasts about a year after stopping the intake. Products – Cytomax

Seventeen artificial – they are produced from amino acids isolated from plants. Artificial peptide bioregulators are shortened copies of the primary peptide part of the extract. Their effect is shorter than natural ones, but it works faster. The molecules are more straightforward, and their concentration is much higher. According to Professor Khavinsohn, artificial peptides will become indispensable when humanity experiences a shortage of natural peptides. Length – 2-7 amino acids, and contains only the essential peptide bioregulator. It consists only of an active part. A significant effect occurs after 2-3 days. Products: peptide complexes, Cytogenes and Revilab

Preparations With Peptide Bioregulators Divide Into 3 Groups:

Cytomaxes are Khavinsohn’s natural peptides. For each organ there is a different product in the form of capsules. Some are available in the form of drops under the tongue – the Lingval series. There are also peptide complexes in the solution for topical application. Each complex contains peptides for a specific group of organs.
Cytogenes are Khavinsohn’s artificial peptides in capsules. Each product contains peptides for a specific organ.
Revilab – peptide complexes containing up to 4 synthetic peptides from different organs. There are two types: Revilab SL – drops under the tongue and Revilab ML – capsules.

Peptides to restore the central nervous system (CNS) and the brain

Khavinsohn’s peptides are critical in adulthood. Clinically proven bioregulators restore the so-called spikes that stimulate the neural network. That is why their intake not only increases life expectancy but also prevents the development of neurodegenerative diseases – Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and others.

What Else is Essential to Know About Peptides?

Answers to top 5 frequently asked questions:

Why can peptide bioregulators be taken orally? They don’t break down in the stomach?

Khavinsohn’s peptides retain their structure when absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. It is possible because they are very short: they are no more than 20 amino acids long, and the active part consists of only 2-3 amino acids. Small structures do not break down in the digestive system and quickly penetrate the cell membrane.

Clinical studies have confirmed the effectiveness of preparations in capsules; they are much more effective by insertion under the skin.

Can I take more than one peptide bioregulator at the same time?

Since the peptides only work on a specific organ, you can use more than one product simultaneously. They are compatible with each other, do not interfere with each other and are compatible with drugs, including medications. Exception: Glandocort (adrenal peptides) and Endoluten (pineal peptides) should not be taken together.

What happens if you stop taking peptide bioregulators?

Peptides activate DNA and thus trigger protein synthesis in the cell. It is already underway but needs to be sufficiently active due to stress or lack of peptides. So there will be no problems, and the worst that can happen is that once the different peptides are gone, the cell will return to its previous synthesis level. But it will be higher than the initial level, as shown in practice.

Khavinsohn’s peptides are not hormones; they have different mechanisms of action. Taking bioregulators of the thyroid gland does not stop working; you only help it to create hormones in a natural way and in the necessary amount.

Do Peptides Cause Allergies, Mutations and Cancer?

Peptide bioregulators are not foreign substances and are not rejected by the body. The new generation of peptides, developed by the Institute of Bioregulation and Peptides, are well purified, and do not contain phospholipids, remnants of cell membranes. They are not foreign antigens and do not trigger an immune response. No allergic reactions or mutations will occur, as the peptides only initiate the natural process of protein synthesis – the one inherent to the cell.

Is It Possible To Overdose On Peptides?

It is impossible to overdose as excess peptides flush away from the body through the kidneys or intestines. In a study on mice, an experiment was conducted. The study was an overdose of peptides in the pancreas that exceeded 100 thousand times. The results were there were no severe consequences.

Buy Bronchogen Peptide Online At The Best Price

Elevate your respiratory health journey with confidence by choosing to buy Bronchogen Peptide from US Peptide Sciences. Experience the power of science-backed solutions as you invest in your well-being. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to quality, US Peptide Sciences offers you a reliable source for obtaining Bronchogen Peptide. Imagine the potential benefits of this cutting-edge research peptide, designed to support lung conditions like acute and chronic bronchitis, COPD, and more. With US Peptide Sciences, you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re investing in a pathway to better research. Join countless research companies who have already witnessed the positive impact of Bronchogen Peptide, and make a decision that aligns with your dedication to optimal well-being. Your journey to better results begins here, with US Peptide Sciences, Buy Bronchogen Peptide Today.



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In Stock – Buy SEMAX Peptide Here!

Buy SEMAX peptide here today to achieve the best results in research. Lucky for you, we are the number one website supplying Peptide Sciences Semax across the globe. Peptide Sciences Semax is high-quality, affordable, and manufactured in the USA. So it is safe to use for educational and research use. You can trust us to provide the very best product at the best price. Feel free to compare our prices and services with leading competitors. We are confident you will choose us as the best website to buy Semax peptide!

<<We guarantee a first-class service from start to finish!!>>


What is Semax?

Semax is known to improve brain activity, mood and increase mental awareness. It is an experimental substance first made in Russia to treat circulatory problems. Semax is a treatment widely used in Ukraine and Russia for various conditions, especially for its nootropic and neuroprotective properties. However, in most other countries, it is not approved for use. Found in the 1980s in Russia, Semax is a medication that treats brain damage, cognitive degeneration, and strokes. But it can also help boost memory and relieve stress. In Russia, it comes as a powder mixed with bacteriostatic water and a nasal spray. However, it is not available as a treatment in other parts of the world. For most countries it is still a research product and not for human consumption.

Best Supplier with Semax Peptide For Sale

If you are in the research and science community you can buy Semax peptide or N-Acetyl Semax here. We supply both versions at competitive prices. The research peptides are high-quality, and US-Made, tested by the latest technology, and are additive and TFA- free. We provide great price deals on buying in bulk, and free shipping on orders over $200. Along with easy to navigate online store, payment options and fast delivery. For brand name Peptide Sciences research peptides we are the number #1 website!

<<Buy N-Acetyl Semax 30mg>>                                     <<Semax 30mg For Sale>>

buy semax 30mgWhat Does Semax Peptide Do?

Semax is widely known to have nootropic, neuroprotective, and neurogenic properties. It derives from the molecular structure of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH). The first studies with animal, and human scales, show positive results. Global clinical trials show Semax as a possible primary treatment for:

-Ischemic brain stroke

-Dys-circulatory encephalopathy

-Optic nerve atrophy 

-Enhance adaptability under extreme conditions in healthy persons

 -Alzheimer’s disease 



What are the Benefits of Semax?

The advantage of Semax is it improves cognitive function and neuroprotective properties. Scientists are not clear how Semax works in the brain, but they estimate it may increase BDNF and NGF levels. Positive results so far show that Semax can break down neurotransmitters that play a part in pain relief. In addition, it improves cognitive function and protects the brain. The only downside of Semax is limited human research and availability outside of Russia.

There is so much positivity around the research peptide Semax and experts are continually finding new benefits. Potential Semax benefits include:

  • Increasing attention span
  • Help in stroke recovery
  • Improve non-proliferative Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Provide pain relief
  • Nootropic effects
  • Protect the brain from damage and stress
  • ADHD treatment
  • Provide improvement for glaucoma

How Does Semax Work?

Semax works by increasing BDNF or brain-derived neurotrophic factor levels. These are the chemicals which help control neurogenesis or the creation of new neurons in the brain. BDNF works by allowing nerve cells in the brain to adapt to recent changes in the environment. They support already existing neurons and promote the growth of new neurons.

Semax peptide reduces enkephalins which are mostly behind
-reducing pain and inflammation
-stopping cancer cells from forming
-increasing immune cell activeness

Enkephalins play a part in emotional behavior, memory, learning, and pain. The correct balance is needed to control regular brain function.

Semax Peptide Review

Research findings suggest Semax as a possible treatment for pain relief, but there is a need for more cell testing. For now, the positive abilities on brain activity and health from Semax are amazing. Thus, experts continue to develop it as a treatment option.

A clinical trial of 100 patients recovering from an ischemic stroke trialed Semax as part of a recovery program. The results found it to speed up the restoration process of the damage to brain function related to movement. Further trials found Semax reduced overall brain damage and lowered the risk of future strokes. In general, it was safe and well-tolerated with few side effects. 

More trials continue with Semax to help reduce the progression and treat severe optic nerve disease. Already results are positive when combining Semax with other anti-inflammatory medications.

Buy SEMAX Peptide

N-Acetyl Semax vs Semax

Semax and N Acetyl Semax are both available as research peptides. While there are limited studies, online reports suggest Semax improves focus and attention while N Acetyl boosts energy. In short, most reports suggest N Acetyl Semax is stronger than Semax. But, both provide outstanding benefits for improving cognitive function and memory.


If you have heard of nootropics, you will know that many people find them effective in boosting concentration and memory. With research into Semax now available, studies are ongoing because it goes one step further with treating many severe brain-related conditions. Results so far look promising in treating several serious health diseases.

Semax, as a research peptide, looks hopeful to treat some severe health diseases. It is only available as a research peptide for development and study.

<<Buy SEMAX Peptide>>





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MOTS-c Peptide And Research In Weight Loss

MOTS-C Peptide for Weight Loss MOTS-c peptide for weight loss in studies is presently one of the most influential research peptides. A newer of the weight loss peptide group to emerge is being tested in laboratories. MOTS-c shows to be effective in helping regulate mitochondrial energy to optimize your metabolic balance. It potentiates metabolism and increases the body’s ability to exercise, increase muscle, and lose weight. Researchers have only recently found MOTS-c and are blown away with it potential. Studies show good results as a treatment for aging that cause metabolic diseases, diabetes and obesity.

What is MOTS-c?

MOTS-c is a research peptide of 16 amino acids that promote metabolic balance. It regulates the entire body’s metabolic function, turning glucose into usable energy.

In most peptides, it is the DNA in the cells that encodes them. But it is different with MOTS-c because the mitochondria’s DNA encodes MOTS-c making it unique among the peptide group. Studies have found this peptide can fight obesity and promote regular metabolism in the same way as exercise. But, MOTS-c can help with glucose metabolism, even eating a high-fat diet. It can also improve blood sugar control in overweight patients and those with type 2 diabetes.

MOTS-c Peptide Price Deals

Now here is the good news. If you are in the research community you will know cost plays a big impact on research products. But, at the same time its important that studies go ahead to help treat obesity and age-related diseases. These diseases are wide spread and urgently need addressing. So, here is the good news, MOTS-c compared to other research peptides is a reasonably-priced product. The fact it is showing to be showing good signs in treating diabetes, and weight loss will make it a good-seller for educational and research departments around the globe.

<<BUY MOTS-c Peptide Now in 5mg and 10 mg vials from us at the best prices online!

MOTS-C Peptide for Weight Loss Does MOTS-c Really Work?

So far, researchers have found that MOTS-c can
-increase physical performance
-improve insulin sensitivity
-reduce age-related metabolic diseases
-help obesity

MOTS-c can improve the pain that comes with aging. Aging occurs due to cell function slowing down. Ultimately this stops the active tissue organs, leading to a reduction of physical capability. With this aging leads to chronic disease. Experts often link aging conditions with low MOTS-c levels in tissues, such as skeletal muscle and circulation. Studies show that MOTS-c can help treat older mice to perform longer exercise sessions than those with no MOTS-c. Even better older mice also exercised for much longer than those without MOTS-c. Animal studies proved that MOTS-c could boost exercise capability on a cellular level.

MOTS-C Peptide for Weight Loss Questions & Answers

What Does MOTS-c Stand For?

MOTS-c stands for Mitochondrial-Derived Peptide. It is a research peptide that has many benefits including improving metabolic function, and fitness ability, and longevity, reducing obesity, and other diseases such as osteoporosis.

How much MOTS-c do I Take?

Administering the correct MOTS-c is important in clinical trials for the best results. So far the amounts of MOTS-c have been limited to animal models. There is limited human trials. MOTS-c is still in the development and research stage and is not for human consumption.

Does MOTS-c Really Work?

There is a lot of evidence from studies that MOTS-c works. But a lot more testing needs to be done. Every subject is different; with each treatment, individuals experience varying changes. Some examples from trials show an instant increase in energy at first , but the effect decreases after further amounts. In the same way, some see drastic weight loss results and others none with MOTS-c.

MOTS-c Benefits

MOTS-c is a newer peptide to join the hundreds of research peptides in the laboratories. Experts are finding it is effective and safe to increase fitness and strength and help with weight loss. MOTS-C benefits are impressive in studies, and there is a long list of them! Some benefits include the following:
-Better Sleep
-Muscle mass gain
-Increased energy
-Improvement in the immune system
-Prevents osteoporosis
-Weight Loss

MOTS-c Peptide Review on Metabolic Diseases of Aging

Scientists know aging occurs due to a decreased mitochondrial function, causing diseases such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Thus due to natural levels of MOTS-c decreasing with age, the loss of mitochondrial-derived peptides can cause metabolic decline. So, regular MDP( mitochondrial-derived peptides) can improve abnormal metabolism in ageing humans. 

Diet-Induced Obesity 

MOTS-c protocol in studies shows it actions AMPK in mice on a high-fat diet, possible stopping diet-induced obesity. The AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) works as a sensor in cellular energy, with cells activating AMPK when low on energy. In addition, AMPK starts in the body after exercise or when restricting calories. Trials show substances that trigger AMPK can boost general health and reverse diseases such as 


-improve heart health 

-treat mitochondrial diseases

-Increase longevity

Studies also found the lab mice used oxygen and glucose more efficiently, making more heat, and ultimately burning more energy. The research indicates that MOTS-c can stop diet-induced obesity due to the excess energy and heat produced, improving glucose use and insulin sensitivity. Though MOTS-c didn’t change body weight with a regular diet, it can help as a support in some cases to boost weight loss.

MOTS-c Supplement for Metabolism

Humans all have different metabolism. Therefore each has to adapt to how much energy is supplied and used. The body stores the correct amounts of amino acids, glucose and fatty acids to use when food is low or when more power is needed. Overeating processed food, excess calories, and lack of exercise cause metabolism dysfunction. It causes weight gain in several ways, such as:

  • Preventing muscles from using fats rather than carbohydrates for energy
  • It alters the body’s ability to control food consumption and energy use
  • Changes the body in recognizing nutrients and how to react appropriately, as with insulin sensitivity
  • As well as the regular functioning of mitochondria, the body needs essential energy intake and usage, as well as glucose and insulin, for a healthy body.
  • Due to mitochondria controlling metabolism on the cellular level repairing mitochondria can help improve metabolism

What is the Best Research Peptide for Weight Loss?

While in this post we have looked at the latest research on MOTS-c peptide for weight loss there are a number of research peptides that show good results in studies in treating obesity. Our online store USA Peptides top 6 selling research peptides for weight loss are:

  • 5-Amino-1MQ Capsules
  • Adipotide (FTPP)
  • AOD9604
  • Tirzepatide
  • Tesofensine 500mcg (30 Capsules)
  • Fragment 176-191




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BPC-157 Peptide Benefits

BPC-157 Peptide BenefitsBPC-157 is a manufactured peptide, and studies show it has positive results in regenerating certain body parts. Tests have found it has a high success rate on rats suffering from surgical or toxic trauma. However, there is no objective evidence to show it benefits people in these areas. Studies show that BPC-157 peptide benefits are in healing wounds and include:
-Relieving joint pain
-Improving mobility
-Speed up injury recovery
In addition, BPC-157 boosts vascular flow to ligaments and tendons for better healing. Plus helps skin burns heal quicker due to an acceleration of blood flow to tissue damage.

Low Cost BPC-157 Peptide for Sale Here!

For those who are in the science and research industry you will already know the benefits of the research peptide BPC-157. Therefore you might simply be searching for a reputable company to buy BPC-157. Luckily you have landed on the right page. We supply BPC 157 5mg at the best price online.

If you don’t believe us you can compare our low cost price with other leading brands! At the moment for one month only you can save 15% off the regular price using the promo code VIP15 at the checkout. But, remember this offer ends is only available until 10/11/22 11:59 PM PST.

Our research products are the best quality and made in the USA. You can rest assured every research product has been tested for purity by the very best technology in our laboratories. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

What is BPC-157?

BPC 157 is a research Penta-decapeptide that contains 15 amino acids. BPC-157 is also known as a body protection compound. Other chemical names it comes under in the laboratories:

  • PL 14736
  • PL-10
  • Bepecin

Its origins are from part of a sequence of the body protection compound found and separated from the body’s gastric juice. Studies with animals find it is effective at healing various wounds, including ligaments, muscles and tendons. Furthermore, testing shows it can protect organs and helps in preventing gastric ulcers.

The Most Frequently asked questions about BPC-157

What are the Research Benefits of BPC-157?

Also, BPC-157 works in the digestive tract to treat Crohn’s disease, IBS, leaky gut, IBS, and gastrointestinal cramps. The research peptide has pain-relieving properties and can help skin burns heal fast. On the whole, BPC-157 has a significant effect on specific growth factors. It typically involves producing blood vessels and other regeneration factors after damage.

Is BPC 157 Good for Inflammation?

Researchers have done numerous animal studies with BPC-157. The results show that BPC-157 has additional protective effects, not just in the gastric and stomach areas. For example, the BPC-157 peptide benefits inflammation disorders, bone and joint healing, and organ damage.

What Does BPC 157 do to the Brain?

BPC 157 also influences the brain by repairing brain tissue and neurons. It can help in improving brain cognition and improve overall general brain health. A recent study shows that BPC-157 can help treat traumatic brain injuries and other central nervous system disorders.

BPC-157 Peptide BenefitsWhat are the Dangers of BPC 157?

The peptide BPC-157 side effects are still uncertain because there are limits on human trials with BPC-157. Generally, BPC-157 is few side effects except minor ones, such as dizziness, headache, nausea and pain at needle site. The FDA rates BPC-157 as a research chemical and not for human consumption. From January 2022, BPC-157 was banned by WADA or World Anti-Doping Agency. The experimental peptide still needs more studying.

How Long Does it Take for BPC 157 to Work?

Researchers working with BPC-157 peptide in tests note that it is given orally or through jabs. The average time for BPC-157 to work on injuries is four to six weeks. But, results are few due to its status as a research substance with limited human testing.

Summary: BPC-157 Peptide Benefits

At present investigation into BPC-157 is mostly with cell culture and animal models. However, the research peptide is showing great promise in wound healing and regulating vascular growth. More research is essential to assess more light on how it works in wound healing and its additional roles. In modern medical research it is important to eradicate side effects from a new treatment. Ultimately this takes time. There is a long way to go with BPC-157 but hopefully one day it will be treating patients and making their lives better.







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Get Extra 15% off – BPC157, IPAMORELIN or PT141

Get Extra 15% offBUY BPC157, IPAMORELIN or PT141 research peptides and get an extra 15% off the normal price for this month only. For one-month only we are offering you research professionals a chance to save money when purchasing any of these three research peptides. We all know money is tight these days and we want to help you save as much as you can. Therefore don’t miss the opportunity to buy BPC-157, Ipamorelin and PT-141 Now. Our offer is only for a limited time.  Plus, its simple to get extra 15% off when you order any of these peptides. Simply use the code VIP15 at checkout.

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For those in the research and development industry we have a super offer that will save you money. For this month only we are offering this exclusive offer of 15% of our 3 top-selling research peptides. They are BPC-157, Ipamorelin and PT-141, just use the code VIP15 at checkout.

These featured research peptides all have individual benefits and are showing good results in educational and development use. Each one of them is achieving recognition in the laboratories in treating various health issues. If you are new to this topic research peptides are an ever-growing industry. They are based on many natural peptides that exist in the body. However, scientists are developing artificial types to help with many age-related problems. Here we look at what the benefits of BPC-157, Ipamorelin and PT-141.

Buy BPC-157 for Research

BPC-157 is a research peptide and means body protection compound. It is an artificial peptide and derives from the protein TB-500. BPC-157 is effective in healing and improving bone, joint, and organ health. Additional studies show it to positively impact the brain and body, inflammation-related diseases and stomach ulcers.

Ipamorelin For Sale

Ipamorelin is a research peptide that effectively boosts growth hormone or GH. It can increase lean muscle and strength but at the same time burn fat. Research shows Ipamorelin has a positive effect on obesity and osteoporosis. Plus, it treats growth hormone deficiency in small children with growth problems.

Buy PT-141 for Study Only

PT-141 is a research peptide also known as Bremelanotide. PT 141 is effective in treating sexual dysfunction in men and women. Loss of libido happens due to many reasons such as aging, depression, guilt, stress, smoking, and lifestyle. It is an ever-growing problem that researchers know needs addressing. Research continues with PT-141.

Get Extra 15% off for a limited time only

But we warn you this offer is only available until 10/11/22 11:59 PM PST. Plus this offer is not valid with any other offers.



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Pinealon Buy Online – Best Quality

Pinealon Buy Online

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What is Pinealon?

Pinealon is a research peptide made of three amino acids in length. Pinealon is a manufactured peptide that penetrates the blood-brain barrier of the central nervous system and nuclear membrane.

Research shows it can change and protect certain cell types against hypoxia effects. With substantial testing Pinealon is effective in improving memory and enhancing learning. Studies find it to have good results on attention difficulties, brain injuries, brain surgery, and stress. Additional testing shows it could help treat cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s.

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What are the Results from Pinealon Peptide?

To date, research with Pinealon concentrates on its ability to prevent oxidative damage, reducing the downside of problems with ageing. Oxidation results when normal metabolism interacts chemically, causing damage to healthy tissues. The damage to the cells is the main factor in the aging process. For the healthy among us, free radicals are cleaned naturally and aided by antioxidants in a diet. But, as we age, the natural process is less effective. With this antioxidant consumption is not enough to offset this decline in function.

Animal research shows pinealon can boost antioxidants and help protect cells from free radical damage. This process is particularly prominent in neurologic tissue, where pinealon lowers the number of free radicals. It explicitly decreases the number of free radicals and the number of cells that die due to them.

What Does Pinealon Do?

The main factor with Pinealon is it boosts antioxidant function in normal conditions. But, experts are finding Pinealon can decrease oxidative damage in diseases. One positive example in research with Pinealon was that it increased rats’ survival rates after a stroke.

Pinealon mainly works on the body’s natural antioxidant mechanisms and is effective in cytokine signaling. It is most productive in the central nervous system and can affect inflammation.

Pinealon Benefits

Pinealon can provide many positive effects on the body, especially brain health. From studies, the benefits of Pinealon are:
-Anti-aging reducing fine lines and wrinkles
-Improvement in cognitive function
-Increased energy levels
-Boost memory recollection

Peptide Pinealon Side Effects

The side effects of Pinealon are usually mild and include headaches and sickness.

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Pinealon vs Epitalon

Epitalon and Pinealon are both research peptides and have similar properties. They are both telomerase-enhancing peptides. From studies, pinealon is better than Epitalon in improving brain health, memory and cognitive behavior. Epitalon has more positive results in anti-aging and reducing serious diseases in other areas of the body.

To summarize Pinealon peptide is good at improving brain health. But in addition, it can help with anti-aging reducing fine lines and wrinkles and improving skin.

Pinealon has positive effects:
-improving attention
-high stess
-chronic fatigue

and diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Multiple Sclerosis

Mild side effects can occur, but scientists must do more tests before it is entirely safe to use. 









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Epitalon Protocol

Epitalon ProtocolEpitalon Protocol: We all know aging is inevitable, and many like to help prevent it as long as possible! But that can be easier said than done for some of us! There are many factors to consider. For instance, family genes can pass on unwanted aging signs that you can not alter. Or money; while we know surgery and Botox can help slow down aging, not everyone has the funds. Finally, there is the cosmetic market with promises of miracle creams, lotions, serums and gels. These are affordable options to most and often work effectively. But what if you could reverse aging through the body’s DNA by replenishing cells? This process completely reverses aging, not just skin deep but also slowing down disease and illness. That is precisely what Epitalon research peptide is doing in the research labs!

What Is Epithalamin?

Epitalon is a synthetic alternative to the peptide secreted from the brain’s pineal gland. The human epitalon is responsible for secreting melatonin, a hormone responsible for our sleep and wake cycle. The peptide epitalon consists of four amino acids and increases natural telomerase production. Telomerase is an enzyme that helps cells make telomeres or the power parts of DNA. The telomeres help the body make new cells and regenerate old ones. However, as we age, the body produces fewer telomeres, affects cell replicating, and leads to aging. Therefore, the creation of the research epitalon means it could reverse the aging process.

What Is Epitalon Peptide Used For?

Epitalon, is a research peptide called epithalon, epithalone, and epithalamin. It often earns the name Fountain of Youth, because of its ability to slow down the aging process. Epitalon was the development of Vladimir Khavinson. The Russian professor did animal and human trials with epitalon for over 35 years proving epitalon effectively fights aging. Nowadays, epitalon is emerging as a new age anti-aging peptide to signal different cells to signal varying reactions. So far epitalon benefits anti-aging, increase muscle mass, wound healing and weight loss.


Epitalon Before And After

Natural epitalon has a positive impact on DNA. DNA is deep in the nucleus of the body’s cells, and at the ends of our DNA are telomeres strands. The telomeres strands protect the DNA and stop any loss of genetics during cell division. But, each cell division accidentally shortens telomeres. The shortening process is made worst by oxidative stress. When the telomeres shorten too extensively, the cells grow old, ultimately causing the body to age. But, on the good side, the body produces telomerase, an enzyme that stops the telomeres from degrading and promotes regeneration and DNA repair. Luckily the young make more telomerase and have longer telomeres. The longer the telomeres, means the cell health is better and rejuvenated. On the other hand, older people make less of the enzyme telomerase, so this causes the cells to age and die.

Research Epitalon Protocol

With the decline of epitalon in the body experts look to researching and developing an answer. Here is where the research peptide epitalon the peptide works by inspiring the natural production of telomerase. It does this by working with the pineal gland in the brain to boost telomerase levels. With this, it protects telomeres from degrading and getting shorter. This activity helps grow new cells and regenerate older cells, effectively slowing down aging.

Epitalon, a peptide gaining attention in the realm of anti-aging and longevity research, has shown promise in preclinical studies. While the optimal dosing protocol is still under investigation, initial research suggests that a common dosing range is around 5-10 milligrams per day. However, it’s crucial to note that individual responses to Epitalon may vary, and rigorous clinical trials are necessary to determine the most effective and safe dosing regimen. As the scientific community delves deeper into its potential benefits on cellular aging and lifespan extension, further research will help refine the dosing protocols for this intriguing peptide.

What Is Epitalon Made Of?

Epitalon is a research peptide made from four amino acids, alanine, glutamic acid, glycine, and aspartic acid. The amino acids consist of two to fifty chains; this distinguishes them from proteins. Proteins have more than fifty chains. It is an artificial tetrapeptide with anti-aging properties.  It is a youth restoring solution and commonly known as the fountain of you.

The main benefit of the research peptide Epitalon is anti-aging and reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well as improving skin condition. But further medical research has found it can increase longevity due to increasing telomerase supply. Scientists find epitalon benefits include:

  • Lengthening telomeres which in turn encourages cell reproduction and increasing life span
  • Antioxidant effects preventing cell damage due to oxidation
  • Helps prevent dementia
  • Improves sleep
  • Speeds up injury repair and wound healing
  • Increases energy and lowers stress levels
  • Resume normal cardiac rhythm

Epitalon Side Effects

Studies so far with Epitalon show no major side effects. It is a peptide that naturally exists in the body. Epithalon is an effective tetrapeptide that is safe, and strong helping protect cells. The peptide can slow down aging and promote well being in the body.

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Epitalon Benefits

Epitalon is a synthetic peptide that has potential anti-aging effects and its ability to improve overall health. Recent studies have shown Epitalon may be effective as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. But, it is still in the experimental stage, and more research is needed to establish its efficacy and safety.

Clinical evidence suggests the following benefits with Epitalon:

  • Neuroprotective Benefit: While it has not been tested in humans for the prevention of cognitive decline,
    some preclinical studies indicate they may have antioxidant activity in the brain and increase
    melatonin levels.
  • Aging and related health concerns: Several Russian clinical trials suggest epithalamin may decrease mortality in older adults with cardiovascular disease, but these results have not been independently confirmed.
  • Both epithalamin and epithalon may increase lifespan in flies, mice and rats.

Summary Of Epithalamin/Epithalon Protocol Evidence:

There is no available research on the effects of Epithalamin or Epithalon on cognition or neuroprotection in humans. However, some clinical data suggests these substances may reduce human mortality. Limited evidence also indicates that long-term use of epithalamin is likely safe.

Regarding neuroprotective benefits, no human trials have been conducted to assess their effectiveness in preventing cognitive decline. Nevertheless, preclinical studies indicate that they possess antioxidant properties in the brain and could elevate melatonin levels.

Concerning aging and related health issues, several clinical trials conducted in Russia have proposed that epithalamin could reduce mortality in older adults with cardiovascular diseases. Nevertheless, these findings have not been independently verified. Furthermore, both epithalamin and epithalon have shown the potential to extend the lifespan in flies, mice, and rats.


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ARA-290 Benefits

ARA-290 Benefits
ARA-290 Benefits

The research peptide ARA-290 benefits essential neuropathic pain in trials, by improving cholesterol and promoting wound repair. The peptide works on the nervous system and can regrow some nerve types. Ultimately the main reason for its effectiveness in neuropathic pain. However, ARA-290 is showing it has many more strings to its bow and can treat various health issues.

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Benefits from ARA 290 Clinical Trials

For researchers, ARA-290 is an exciting find and shows promising results in boosting insulin sensitivity, heart disease, nerve pain and more. It can effectively be a future treatment for

-Neurodegenerative disorders including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s
– Spinal cord injuries
– Strokes
– Sarcoidosis
– Insulin sensitivity
– Diabetic retinopathy
– Nerve pain
– brain injuries

What is ARA-290?

ARA 290 is an artificial peptide derived from the natural hormone Erythropoietin (EPO), which encourages the production of red cells. EPO is made in the kidneys, brain, bone marrow, liver, lung and spleen and can reduce inflammatory pathways.

For sufferers of neuropathy, you will already know this. But, for those new to this, when something in the body stops working, there is an instant inflammatory reaction, like pain, heat, loss of function, redness and swelling; thus, you want rid of this. So, paracrine signals and innate repair receptors work similarly to a phone sending signals to communicate. The innate repair receptors catch the offending hormones and ultimately action anti-inflammatory and tissue repair pathways, reducing pain and healing tissue. Neuropathy is common and can affect up to 30% of Americans of all ages.

Some factors that can increase the chance of people being affected by neuropathy are diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and drinking large amounts of alcohol. Certain professions with repetitive movement are also at risk.

Is Research ARA-290 Peptide a Neuropathy Treatment?

Neuropathy is where there is damage or defection to one or several nerves and causes pain, tingling, numbness, and muscle weakness to the affected body area. It often begins in the hands and feet but can occur anywhere in the body. Neuropathy is also known as peripheral neuropathy. It reveals a problem in the peripheral nervous system, a group of nerves outside the spinal cord and brain. At the same time, the spinal cord and brain are the central nervous system.

The two systems work together, signaling the network of nerves or the peripheral nervous system with information to the central station of the brain and spinal cord. Neuropathy occurs when the nerve cells are destroyed or damaged, disrupting communication with the brain. It can affect one or more nerves in an area, causing painful symptoms.

ARA 290 Nerve Regeneration

Ariam Pharmaceuticals are the brains behind the research hormone ARA290. In studies is effective in treating metabolic control and neuropathy, especially in type 2 diabetes patients. The present global situation with type 2 diabetes is a significant concern for health services. The disease is distinguished by hyperglycemia and lipid-induced inflammatory processes, which harm tissues. Currently, primary diabetes therapy consists of controlling glucose as a treatment for diabetic complications. For example, in neuropathy (or nerve damage), this treatment aims to get reasonable metabolic control to relieve symptoms. So far, this therapeutic approach to diabetes attempts to control the causes of glucose intolerance and influence repair systems to stop or reverse organ damage.

ARA 290 Peptide Side Effects

As with all research chemicals, ARA290 is still an experimental peptide. So, ARA 290 has not yet met the complete safety profile by the FDA. It still needs more testing and trials for side effects and toxicity. But, clinical trials are continually showing positive results with ARA-290 on patients with neuropathic pain with sarcoidosis. Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disease which can affect various organs. It is a rare disease and causes abnormal masses of inflamed tissue to form on some body organs. Sarcoidosis occurs when the immune system reacts to foreign bodies such as bacteria, chemicals and viruses.

Studies to date have found ARA-290 to be relatively safe and uncommon. However, some side effects from trials included:
-High blood pressure
-Fast heart rate
-Liver enzyme elevation

Summary of ARA-290 Benefits

ARA-290 is an exciting new research peptide in the laboratories at the moment. While we know it is particularly effective in treating neuropathy it is also helping:

  • Improve blood vessel health
  • Reducing Inflammation
  • Protecting tissue
  • Improving immune system
  • Controlling pain

Scientist are also logging positive results with ARA-290 on celiac disease, multiple Sclerosis, HIV and inflammatory bowel disease. While it could be a while until ARA-290 is treating any of the above conditions it certainly seems to be showing excellent results.



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HGH Fragment 176-191 Buy Online

HGH Fragment 176-191 Buy Online
HGH Fragment 176-191 Buy Online

HGH Fragment 176-191 Buy Online for development and study only. We supply Peptide Sciences HGH Fragment 176-191 5 mg and 10mg vials at the best prices online. Our research products are safe, at least 99% pure and made in the USA. They are clinically tested, safe, and free of additives and TFA’s. We guarantee a first-class service from easy online ordering and payment options to fast shipping. With years of experience you will not be disappointed when you buy HGH Fragment 176-191 from Peptide Sciences. They are an established brand that are top of their game in research and development.

How HGH Fragment 176-191 Peptide Works

HGH Fragment 176-191 is an artificial human growth hormone treatment dealing with growth hormone deficiencies. Studies also show the peptide is effective in decreasing weight. HGH Frag176-191 is a research peptide and is not for human consumption. It is only available to professionals for research purposes. The research peptide Fragment 176-191 derives from somatotropic cells in the anterior pituitary gland. In clinical trials, it can promote weight loss, control fat, and improve bone and muscle strength.

Researchers developed Fragment 176-191 in the 1970s, but it wasn’t till the 1980’s studies found positive fat control and weight loss results. In fact, to date, it still ranks as one of the best research peptides in reducing fat and weight.

Fragment 176-191 Benefits

Fragment 176-191 is influential on adipose tissue, and this has an impact on
-increasing muscle growth and recovery
-stops lipids and fatty acids forming
-improves bone density and strength
-helps promote better sleep

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We guarantee 100% satisfaction from easy online ordering, payment options and to fast shipping. If you are ordering from the USA, there is free shipping on orders above $200.00. Other than that there is a flat rate of $15.00.  There is a basic charge of $15.00 for all other orders including international. Peptide Sciences is an established manufacturer of research products, and partner with WHO/GMP and ISO 9001:2008. With this we guarantee the highest quality and purest products, at the best prices. Since 2012 we have been the number one trusted resource for research products to the scientific community.  

HGH Fragment 176-191 Weight Loss Results

Studies with Fragment 176-191 have named it a leading weight loss treatment because of its fat-burning and weight loss properties. In a world where obesity is rising, scientists continually search for a way to control the global epidemic. Trials with HGH fragment 176-191 peptide show it can increase beta-3 adrenergic receptor production. Beta-3 adrenergic receptors can boost fat-burning in the adipose tissue. In addition, it is also responsible for thermogenesis in skeletal muscle.

Studies on animals show an increase in fat-burning with fragment 176 191, which links to energy consumption, and weight loss. Some trials show up to 50% weight loss results in overweight animals during a 3-week study.
The weight loss results from frag 176-191 were seen only in overweight mice. Interestingly, mice of average weight remained the same when given fragment 176 191. These results show lipolysis overrides beta-3 adrenergic receptor activity if the body weight is average. Ultimately this opens up additional research into energy stability.

HGH Fragment 176-191 Review

HGH Fragment 176 191 is a peptide consisting of amino acids 176-191 and a fragment of a more substantial human growth hormone molecule. The pituitary gland makes HGH in the brain and plays a big part in development and growth. Intense studies show fragment 176 191 has impressive fat-burning effects on HGH. Animal research show it reduces body fat while increasing lean muscle. In addition, it seems to be safe and tolerated well by humans. Generally, HGH Fragment 176-191 is showing promise as a weight loss treatment of the future.

In addition to helping break down fat cells and promoting weight loss. Scientists are finding other positive results with HGH Fragment 176-191. HGH Fragment 176-191 benefits include:

  • Build muscle mass and increase strength
  • Faster recovery from a workout
  • Reduce inflammation and promote healing

What are  HGH Fragment 176-191 Side Effects?

As with all research peptides, more testing is needed before they can be FDA approved for use. While overall, HGH Fragment 176-191 shows to be safe. Some trials have shown side effects occur, ranging from mild to severe; these include:
-Irritation, pain and soreness
-Headaches and dizziness
These often only last a few days; however, there are more severe side effects from HGH Fragment 176-191, including:

Heart disease is a result of an increase in blood pressure due to high levels of HGH.
-Muscle and joint pain resulting in stiffness and swelling
-Nervous System problems as a result of HGH can cause anxiety, headaches and seizures
-Allergic Reactions such as breathing difficulties, hives and swelling
-Chest pain

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