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Get Extra 15% off – BPC157, IPAMORELIN or PT141

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For those in the research and development industry we have a super offer that will save you money. For this month only we are offering this exclusive offer of 15% of our 3 top-selling research peptides. They are BPC-157, Ipamorelin and PT-141, just use the code VIP15 at checkout.

These featured research peptides all have individual benefits and are showing good results in educational and development use. Each one of them is achieving recognition in the laboratories in treating various health issues. If you are new to this topic research peptides are an ever-growing industry. They are based on many natural peptides that exist in the body. However, scientists are developing artificial types to help with many age-related problems. Here we look at what the benefits of BPC-157, Ipamorelin and PT-141.

Buy BPC-157 for Research

BPC-157 is a research peptide and means body protection compound. It is an artificial peptide and derives from the protein TB-500. BPC-157 is effective in healing and improving bone, joint, and organ health. Additional studies show it to positively impact the brain and body, inflammation-related diseases and stomach ulcers.

Ipamorelin For Sale

Ipamorelin is a research peptide that effectively boosts growth hormone or GH. It can increase lean muscle and strength but at the same time burn fat. Research shows Ipamorelin has a positive effect on obesity and osteoporosis. Plus, it treats growth hormone deficiency in small children with growth problems.

Buy PT-141 for Study Only

PT-141 is a research peptide also known as Bremelanotide. PT 141 is effective in treating sexual dysfunction in men and women. Loss of libido happens due to many reasons such as aging, depression, guilt, stress, smoking, and lifestyle. It is an ever-growing problem that researchers know needs addressing. Research continues with PT-141.

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