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Buy Bronchogen Peptide For Lung Research

Buy Bronchogen Peptide

Buy Bronchogen Peptide 20mg peptide vials for research now from the leading US research manufacturer Peptide Sciences. NEW to our on online store is Bronchogen 20mg peptide bioregulator. It is showing to be effective in improving lung health and treating lung disease. Most of us have heard of lung diseases and how fatal they can be. While some of them are manageable there is still a lot of them that are difficult to treat. Here we cover some of the main lung diseases that Bronchogen might one day be able to treat!

Why The Need For Bronchogen Peptide?

Lung diseases are one of the most common diseases worldwide. Many people are genetically predisposed to developing the respiratory condition. The workplace and environment significantly impact our lung health. One thing is undeniable – smoking is the most common cause of respiratory diseases around the globe.

Smoking, infections and genetics are responsible for most cases of respiratory diseases globally. The lungs are part of a complex apparatus, working tirelessly to supply oxygen to the body while removing carbon dioxide from it. Diseases of the lungs can cause problems in any part of this complex system of the human body.

What Is Bronchogen Peptide Bioregulator?

With so many lung diseases the need for treatment is high on the list in research laboratories. Bronchogen peptide bioregulator is still in the early stages of studies. But, it is showing to effective in improving the health of lung tissue  and treating some lung conditions. It can reduce inflammation and damage and help improve overall tissue health because cells stay healthy for longer.

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Most common lung diseases and causes

Pulmonary thromboembolism (PTE)

– a life-threatening condition in which part of the pulmonary vascular network suddenly becomes impassable.


– a common chronic inflammatory disease characterized by symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath and wheezing in the chest.


– inflammation of the lung, in which the pleura becomes inflamed and causes sharp chest pain.


– an infection of the lungs caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi. It causes inflammation of the white matter alveoli and their filling with fluid or pus.


– an infectious disease that mainly affects the lungs. Extrapulmonary forms with the involvement of other organs and systems also develop.

Purulent lung diseases

– diseases are proceeding with purulent inflammation of varying severity, often as the final stage of an acute or chronic infection.

Inflammatory lung diseases

– Acute rhinitis and sinusitis, acute pharyngitis, acute laryngitis and other respiratory system conditions.

Interstitial lung diseases

– a large group of difficult-to-diagnose diseases due to developing a specific type of lung tissue inflammation.


– one of the leading causes of disability, illness and premature death!

So, now we know the variation of lung diseases that are waiting for a cure to be found. what is the difference with peptides and peptide bioregulators?

First up, peptides are a group of substances whose molecules comprise two or more amino acids. Peptides comprise about half of all known hormones and most enzymes. However, there is a particular class of compounds – peptide bioregulators. These differ from other peptides in their ability to initiate protein synthesis.

Peptide bioregulators were discovered in the 1970s by the scientist, gerontologist, professor, doctor of medical sciences V.H. Khavinsohn. Hence, that is why they are called Khavinsohn peptides.

Where Do Khavinsohn’s Peptides Come From In The Cells?

The protein synthesized in the cell does its job and is then destroyed. With the help of peptidase enzymes, it is “cut” into fragments. Some of them leave the body through the excretory system. Another part is fragmented. Some protein fragments contain parts of amino acids linked in a certain way. These are the peptide bioregulators discovered by Khavinsohn.

The bioregulator is tightly bound to a specific region of the DNA molecule. It connects to this section like a magnetic key that signals a magnetic lock to open the door. The DNA molecule is unfolded, the information is taken and a matrix information sheet (RNA) is built, which will be used to synthesize a protein – the same one that was previously discarded.

Accordingly, bioregulatory peptides form from proteins, but the same proteins cannot be synthesized without them.

Why Take Peptide Bioregulators?

Even under ideal conditions, the healthy organism uses its internal reserves to fill only 90% of the peptide deficit, and the remaining 10% is from food. The problem begins the moment the body is subjected to stress factors:

-sedentary lifestyle
-stuffy rooms
-improper nutrition
-bad ecology, etc.

Under their influence, organs and tissues gradually wear out and lack the peptides supplied with food. It is where peptide preparations come to the rescue, temporarily compensating for this deficiency.

Later, when the tissue produces the required amount of proteins, its function will return to normal. But if the body is stressed, the organs and tissues will again be damaged and need external help.

How Do Khavinsohn’s Peptides Work?

Bioregulators affect only the organ from which they are isolated. For example, Endoluten will act on the pineal gland, and Vizoluten – on the eyes. Therefore, specialists can prescribe a course of several preparations with different peptides in their composition. However, experts do not recommend taking more than five bioregulators simultaneously.

The first thing to do is to influence the mechanism of adaptation to stress and put the detoxification system in order. That is why we recommend that therapy begins with preparations for the recovery of the neuroendocrine, immune, vascular and nervous systems and then normalize the functioning of other systems and organs with the help of local peptides: liver, cartilage, blood vessels, etc.

How To Take Peptide Bioregulators

Peptide preparations have a cumulative effect – each subsequent course is more effective than the previous one. After a 1-3 month course of peptides, they are effective for another six months. Therefore, only two courses of peptide bioregulators per year are needed to maintain the proper functioning of the organs.

Peptide bioregulators are compatible not only with each other but also with traditional drugs. Thanks to their intake, it is possible to reduce the dose of the primary therapeutic drug – of course, after examination and consultation with a doctor.

Indications for Taking Peptide Bioregulators

All people should take peptide bioregulators over the age of 30. They are suitable for people who live or work in an environment of increased stress and poor environmental conditions: residents of megacities, factory workers, and office workers.

Types And Classification Of Peptide Bioregulators

There are thirty-eight  peptide bioregulators:
Twenty-one natural – animal raw materials are used for their production since peptide bioregulators are the same in all mammals. Their length is 10-20 amino acids, of which 2-4 amino acids make up the active part. In addition to the main bioregulator, peptides from other organ tissues are present.

A noticeable effect appears after about a week and lasts about a year after stopping the intake. Products – Cytomax

Seventeen artificial – they are produced from amino acids isolated from plants. Artificial peptide bioregulators are shortened copies of the primary peptide part of the extract. Their effect is shorter than natural ones, but it works faster. The molecules are more straightforward, and their concentration is much higher. According to Professor Khavinsohn, artificial peptides will become indispensable when humanity experiences a shortage of natural peptides. Length – 2-7 amino acids, and contains only the essential peptide bioregulator. It consists only of an active part. A significant effect occurs after 2-3 days. Products: peptide complexes, Cytogenes and Revilab

Preparations With Peptide Bioregulators Divide Into 3 Groups:

Cytomaxes are Khavinsohn’s natural peptides. For each organ there is a different product in the form of capsules. Some are available in the form of drops under the tongue – the Lingval series. There are also peptide complexes in the solution for topical application. Each complex contains peptides for a specific group of organs.
Cytogenes are Khavinsohn’s artificial peptides in capsules. Each product contains peptides for a specific organ.
Revilab – peptide complexes containing up to 4 synthetic peptides from different organs. There are two types: Revilab SL – drops under the tongue and Revilab ML – capsules.

Peptides to restore the central nervous system (CNS) and the brain

Khavinsohn’s peptides are critical in adulthood. Clinically proven bioregulators restore the so-called spikes that stimulate the neural network. That is why their intake not only increases life expectancy but also prevents the development of neurodegenerative diseases – Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and others.

What Else is Essential to Know About Peptides?

Answers to top 5 frequently asked questions:

Why can peptide bioregulators be taken orally? They don’t break down in the stomach?

Khavinsohn’s peptides retain their structure when absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. It is possible because they are very short: they are no more than 20 amino acids long, and the active part consists of only 2-3 amino acids. Small structures do not break down in the digestive system and quickly penetrate the cell membrane.

Clinical studies have confirmed the effectiveness of preparations in capsules; they are much more convenient than injections.

Can I take more than one peptide bioregulator at the same time?

Since the peptides only work on a specific organ, you can use more than one product simultaneously. They are compatible with each other, do not interfere with each other and are compatible with drugs, including medications. Exception: Glandocort (adrenal peptides) and Endoluten (pineal peptides) should not be taken together.

What happens if you stop taking peptide bioregulators?

Peptides activate DNA and thus trigger protein synthesis in the cell. It is already underway but needs to be sufficiently active due to stress or lack of peptides. So there will be no problems, and the worst that can happen is that once the different peptides are gone, the cell will return to its previous synthesis level. But it will be higher than the initial level, as shown in practice.

Khavinsohn’s peptides are not hormones; they have different mechanisms of action. Taking bioregulators of the thyroid gland does not stop working; you only help it to create hormones in a natural way and in the necessary amount.

Do Peptides Cause Allergies, Mutations and Cancer?

Peptide bioregulators are not foreign substances and are not rejected by the body. The new generation of peptides, developed by the Institute of Bioregulation and Peptides, are well purified, and do not contain phospholipids, remnants of cell membranes. They are not foreign antigens and do not trigger an immune response. No allergic reactions or mutations will occur, as the peptides only initiate the natural process of protein synthesis – the one inherent to the cell.

Is It Possible To Overdose On Peptides?

It is impossible to overdose as excess peptides flush away from the body through the kidneys or intestines. In a study on mice, an experiment was conducted. The study was an overdose of peptides in the pancreas that exceeded 100 thousand times. The results were there were no severe consequences.

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