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What is Semax?

Semax is known to improve brain activity, mood and increase mental awareness. It is an experimental substance first made in Russia to treat circulatory problems. Semax is a treatment widely used in Ukraine and Russia for various conditions, especially for its nootropic and neuroprotective properties. However, in most other countries, it is not approved for use. Found in the 1980s in Russia, Semax is a medication that treats brain damage, cognitive degeneration, and strokes. But it can also help boost memory and relieve stress. In Russia, it comes as a powder mixed with bacteriostatic water to inject and a nasal spray. However, it is not available as a treatment in other parts of the world. For most countries it is still a research product and not for human consumption.

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buy semax 30mgWhat Does Semax Peptide Do?

Semax is widely known to have nootropic, neuroprotective, and neurogenic properties. It derives from the molecular structure of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH). The first studies with animal, and human scales, show positive results. Global clinical trials show Semax as a possible primary treatment for:

-Ischemic brain stroke

-Dys-circulatory encephalopathy

-Optic nerve atrophy 

-Enhance adaptability under extreme conditions in healthy persons

 -Alzheimer’s disease 



What are the Benefits of Semax?

The advantage of Semax is it improves cognitive function and neuroprotective properties. Scientists are not clear how Semax works in the brain, but they estimate it may increase BDNF and NGF levels. Positive results so far show that Semax can break down neurotransmitters that play a part in pain relief. In addition, it improves cognitive function and protects the brain. The only downside of Semax is limited human research and availability outside of Russia.

There is so much positivity around the research peptide Semax and experts are continually finding new benefits. Potential Semax benefits include:

  • Increasing attention span
  • Help in stroke recovery
  • Improve non-proliferative Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Provide pain relief
  • Nootropic effects
  • Protect the brain from damage and stress
  • ADHD treatment
  • Provide improvement for glaucoma

How Does Semax Work?

Semax works by increasing BDNF or brain-derived neurotrophic factor levels. These are the chemicals which help control neurogenesis or the creation of new neurons in the brain. BDNF works by allowing nerve cells in the brain to adapt to recent changes in the environment. They support already existing neurons and promote the growth of new neurons.

Semax peptide reduces enkephalins which are mostly behind
-reducing pain and inflammation
-stopping cancer cells from forming
-increasing immune cell activeness

Enkephalins play a part in emotional behavior, memory, learning, and pain. The correct balance is needed to control regular brain function.

Semax Peptide Review

Research findings suggest Semax as a possible treatment for pain relief, but there is a need for more cell testing. For now, the positive abilities on brain activity and health from Semax are amazing. Thus, experts continue to develop it as a treatment option.

A clinical trial of 100 patients recovering from an ischemic stroke trialed Semax as part of a recovery program. The results found it to speed up the restoration process of the damage to brain function related to movement. Further trials found Semax reduced overall brain damage and lowered the risk of future strokes. In general, it was safe and well-tolerated with few side effects. 

More trials continue with Semax to help reduce the progression and treat severe optic nerve disease. Already results are positive when combining Semax with other anti-inflammatory medications.

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N-Acetyl Semax vs Semax

Semax and N Acetyl Semax are both available as research peptides. While there are limited studies, online reports suggest Semax improves focus and attention while N Acetyl boosts energy. In short, most reports suggest N Acetyl Semax is stronger than Semax. But, both provide outstanding benefits for improving cognitive function and memory.


If you have heard of nootropics, you will know that many people find them effective in boosting concentration and memory. With research into Semax now available, studies are ongoing because it goes one step further with treating many severe brain-related conditions. Results so far look promising in treating several serious health diseases.

Semax, as a research peptide, looks hopeful to treat some severe health diseases. It is only available as a research peptide for development and study.

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