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Buy ARA-290 Peptide

If you are in the research and development community and want to buy ARA290 peptides for research, we are the best choice. USA Peptides supplies over 100 research amino acids, proteins, and peptides manufactured by leading US-based research company Peptide Sciences. All of the research products are tested for purity so are safe and free of additives. If you work in this sector of education and scientific research you are guaranteed the best quality research chemicals here!

What is ARA-290 Dosage Achieving in Research?

ARA-290 is a peptide presently being researched for treating neuropathic pain in patients with sarcoidosis. Tests are underway to treat the disease and find a long-term cure for this condition.

The peptide ARA-290 can promote blood vessel growth and cell survival, change blood pressure, and produce neuroprotective effects in diabetic neuropathy.

ARA 290 provides neuroprotective and pain relief effects with no stimulation to red blood cell production. ARA-290 is an exciting research peptide that shows impressive results in studies in controlling neuropathic pain. In addition, further investigations show ARA-290 is a potential wound repair treatment for chronic diabetes and the condition Lupus.

ARA 290 Neuropathy Pain Reliefs

ARA-290 is currently being tested for its safety as a treatment for neuropathic pain for sarcoidosis patients. The pain mostly affects nerve fibers and Sarcoidosis is a chronic systemic granulomatous disease affecting young to older individuals. The condition is progressive and can lead to significant

organ impairment, nerve fiber loss, disabling neuropathic symptoms, and pain being the main complaint. These symptoms cause a considerable loss of quality of life and often the inability to work. While mortality is not common, it can increase over time.

Cibinetide (ARA 290)

ARA 290 is also known as Cabinetide, and is classed as a research substance that comes under the class of drugs including:

  • Analgesics
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antidepressants
  • Antihyperglycemic
  • Antirheumatics
  • Cardiovascular therapies
  • Eye disorder therapies
  • Hepatoprotectants
  • Peptides
  • Radioprotectives
  • Mechanism of Action is Erythropoietin receptor agonists
  • Status in research is to treat Sarcoidosis, Neuropathic pain, and Transplant rejection.

Summary: ARA-290 For Sale

ARA 290, a research peptide designed to interact specifically with the innate repair receptor that mediates tissue protection. ARA 290 has shown effective as a treatment in clinical studies of metabolic control and neuropathy. Further trials are needed with ARA 290 before it can be used as a treatment, but it is looking hopeful for the future.