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GHRP-2 Blend With Mod-GRF 1-29

GHRP-2 blend with Mod-GRF 1-29
GHRP-2 blend with Mod-GRF 1-29

The GHRP-2 blend with Mod-GRF 1-29 is increasingly becoming an interest among the worlds research scientists. But what makes this so special compared to the many dozens of peptide blends that we are aware of today?

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GHRP-2 blend with Mod-GRF 1-29 Price

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What isĀ  GHRP-2 and Mod GRF 1-29?

You may have heard of pralmorelin hydrochloride and pralmorelin dihydrochloride which are alternative names to these peptides, however both share some of the same qualities. Since amino acids are similar but not identical, it is possible to obtain several peptides with a the same activity. Mod-GRF peptides 1-29 induce an increase of gonadotropins and gonadal steroid production and of gonadotropin receptors and stimulate steroidogenesis.

What do Mod GRF peptides 1-29 do?

Mod GRF peptides 1-29 stimulate gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) secretion by the anterior pituitary and hypothalamus. Because, in most cases, the administration of ModGRF peptides 1-29 does not modify growth hormone (GH), in comparison with GHRH and other hypophyseal hormones, the presence of a specific receptor on pituitary, but not hypothalamus, suggests a direct effect of ModGRF peptides 1-29 on pituitary and/or gonad by a receptor-mediated process.

What are potent inhibitors of prolactin?

We also demonstrated that two of the peptides (1-15 and 1-29) are potent inhibitors of prolactin (PRL) secretion from rat adenohypophyses cultured in vitro. The effects of Mod-GRF peptides on gonadotropins and gonadal steroid production and on receptor numbers are related to their ability to increase GnRH secretion by the hypothalamus. These Mod-GRF peptides have been synthesized and the study of their effects on pituitary-hypothalamic function, gonadotropins and gonadal steroid secretion and gonadotropin receptors and steroidogenesis could have important clinical implications.