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A Guide to AICAR Dosage

 Aicar dosageThis blog looks at how an AICAR dosage enhances metabolism; maintains muscle tone; retains muscle mass; maintains a high athletic form even without training. Today AICAR supplement is widely used as an effective replacement for traditional doping in sports, where strength and endurance are no less, and sometimes even more important, than lead fighting. AICAR has a tremendous effect when athletes involved in any outdoor sports, from running to the football, are forced to skip training. Taking the substance allows the maintenance of muscle mass and excellent physical shape in general without any physical exertion and recovery processes.

Benefits of AICAR Dosage

The fundamental difference between AICAR and other substances is that it does not possess psychostimulating or tranquilizing properties. But it works by changing the activity of muscle genes. In addition, it is not addictive. AICAR reviews indicate that it is very effective for those who monitor their physical condition in the body. In addition, AICAR is ideal for people who, for health reasons or due to lack of free time, are not able to fully engage in sports. The laboratory of Ronald Evans in California, which more than once made breakthroughs in the field of genetics and biochemistry, continues to work on improving the drug.

The Science of AICAR

AICA ribonucleotide or AICAR or aminoimidazole carboxamide ribonucleotide is an intermediate in the generation of inosine monophosphate. This acts as an agonist of AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK). The research peptide Aicar stimulates glucose uptake in skeletal muscles. It increases the expression of p38-mitogen-activated protein kinase types a and β. Also, it prevents the process of apoptosis by inhibiting the formation of free radicals, primarily reactive atomic oxygen, inside the cell. It should be noted that a long time ago, theoretical biochemists at the molecular level established a connection between the action of AMPK and the functioning of Na + -K + -ATPase (sodium-potassium pump). This hydrolyzes 25% of all ATP reserves in the cell to form energy. Therefore, AMPK activity is a hypersensitive energy sensor.

The Story of Peptides

Several years ago, the Howard Hughes Institute (MIGH, USA), which supports leading biomedicine scientists from 10 countries of the world, announced the discovery of chemical compounds. The action of which allows a person to maintain high athletic form even without training. These compounds are known as research peptides. Peptides are short proteins, the chains of which do not consist of the usual tens of amino acids, but only two or three links. Peptides are extracted from various organs or body parts of mammals. Therefore the human body accepts them as its own, after which they enter into targeted interaction with the necessary object.

Why Were Peptides Created?

Initially, research into the possibilities of peptides was dictated by military objectives. Scientists wanted to find a safe and effective way to increase the body’s resistance in extreme conditions, and thereby, increase the combat capability of a soldier. Work in this direction was also carried out by our compatriots, professors of the Military Medical Academy Vladimir Khavinson and Vyacheslav Morozov back in the 70s of the 20th century. Ronald Evans and his fellow biochemists put an end to the long-term research of the sports grail.

AICAR Fat Loss

Peptides are different, some accelerate the process of cell renewal, others increase immunity or optimize blood supply, improve vision or liver function, etc. Among them, there are those that increase metabolism and affect the muscles in the same way as playing sports for many hours. The substance based on this type of peptides was named AICAR. The peptide received its name in the form of an abbreviation from the scientific name of a peptide extracted from the femoral muscle, which is called 5-aminoimidazole-4-carboxamidribofuranoside. AICAR provides an almost 50% increase in stamina and the rate of consumption of fats (lipids), which are known to serve as a fuel energy source.

AICAR Dosage and Storage

Storage conditions for AICAR powder are as follows – Store at a temperature of 2-8 C degrees or in the refrigerator. If AICAR is dissolved the solution should be stored in the refrigerator. The mode of application is intramuscular or subcutaneous injections.

The optimal single dose in the absence of activity is 100 mg of the drug with a frequency of administration every other day, or alternatively: 50-100 mg with a frequency of administration 3-4 times a week. The course of admission is up to 30 days. In sporting cases, AICAR is taken 15-20 mg daily, depending on the volume of muscle mass, for 30 days. After a break of 1-2 months, the course can be repeated, but not more than 3 courses per year.

Summary of AICAR Effects

Whilst in this article we have discovered Aicar dosage has many positive effects in building muscle and improving performance. We must point out that this is just information and whilst it was once used in the past by sportspeople it is in fact now a banned substance by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). AICAR has not had enough testing inpatients and is not for use in humans. AICARside effects can be serious, resulting in problems such as neurodegeneration and metabolic disorders. The peptide AICAR is widely available from reputable suppliers but for research purposes only!


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Hexarelin Results

hexarelin resultsHexarelin results are as follows:  Classed as a research peptide Hexarelin (also known as examorelin) is a potent growth hormone secretagogue (GHS). It is ghrelin mimetic and an agonist of the hormone Growth hormone secretagogues receptors (GHSR). This hexapeptide derived from GHRP-6.  Hexarelin belongs to the growth hormone-releasing peptides or GHRPs family. A group of small synthetic peptides that stimulate the secretion of growth hormone by the pituitary gland, like other Ghrelin specific mimetics, act (Ghrelin) receptor – GHSR, independent of GHRHR (Growth-hormone releasing hormone receptor).

Scientific Research and Hexarelin Results

Hexarelin in research significantly and dose-dependently increased plasma levels of growth hormone (GH) in both animals and humans. Hexarelin does not affect plasma levels of glucose, luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), or thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), but like GHRP-2 and GHRP-6 peptides, it gently and dose-dependently stimulates the release of the proton (ACTH) and cortisol in humans. In addition, it also has cardioprotective activity in common cardiovascular diseases such as cardiac fibrosis, ischemic heart disease, heart dysfunction, and atherosclerosis

What is Hexarelin?

Hexapeptide Hexarelin belongs to the growth hormone-releasing peptide (GHRPs) family. It is a powerful growth hormone secretagogue that is derived from GHRP-6. Hexarelin secretes more growth hormone than growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH), and produces synergistic effects on GH release in combination with GHRH, resulting in a huge increase in plasma GH levels even with low doses of Hexarelin. It has also been shown to reverse a diet-induced by catabolism. The stimulating effect of Hexarelin on GH secretion decreases in middle age but continues in old age. Partial and reversible tolerance of growth hormone-releasing effects of Hexarelin occurs in people with long-term use.

The History of Hexarelin

Hexarelin was developed by Mediolanum Pharmacheuti. It reached Phase II clinical trials for the treatment of growth hormone deficiency (DHD) and congestive heart failure, but did not complete development and was never marketed. The therapeutic potential of Hexarelin requires further investigation. It is classed as a research chemical and so far shows many positive results. It is not for human consumption.

Hexarelin Benefits

It has a cardioprotective activity and helps with cardiovascular diseases such as heart fibrosis, ischemic heart disease, heart dysfunction, or atherosclerosis.

  • Increased lean muscle mass, promote muscle growth, strength, and productivity
  • Supports the recovery of muscle fibers and tissues, it can help heal joints
  • It can help strengthen and improve the nervous system
  • Anti-aging and rejuvenating effects
  • Improved overall regeneration
  • Helps increase bone density
  • Strong anti-catabolic effect
  • Fat burning properties
  • Cytoprotective effects

Hexarelin Side Effects

  • Skin irritation at the injection site
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Increased prolactin levels and gynecomastia risk (stimulates prolactin to a greater extent than other growth hormone-releasing peptides)
  • Elevated cortisol levels (which may be a problem in the weeks immediately after stopping Hexarelin
  • Decreased insulin sensitivity
  • Water retention
  • Redness
  • Nausea

Hexarelin Dosage Stimulates Muscle Growth?

In studies Hexarelin results with a daily dosage that can promote the growth of muscle mass and strength, and when combined with anabolic androgenic steroids. The interactions in this direction are synergistically improved. In research and clinical trials, the optimal dose of Hexarelin is often reported as 1 mcg per 1 kg body weight 3 times daily.



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Peptide Sciences Melanotan 2

Peptide Sciences Melanotan 2 Peptide Sciences Melanotan 2 is one of the best selling research products available with this company. This company provides a wide range of some of the purest research peptides on the market. Melanotan 2 is a manmade substance that was developed in the 1980s at the University of Arizona. In the early days of research, it was found to boost arousal in rodents as well as darkening the skin. With the discovery of skin darkening, it prompted continuing work to create a sunless tanning agent. Just think of a tan without the sun! But, tests continue with this find and in addition, other positive benefits have been discovered from trials with a Melanotan 2 dosage!b

What is Melanotan 2?

Melanotan 2 or MT-2 is an analog of the skin tanning stimulator melanocyte-stimulating hormone or a-MSH. MT-2 activates the production of melanin, the amount of which determines skin color.  Susceptibility to sunburn increases skin protection from UV radiation, thereby preventing sunburn! But, a continued study has also discovered other benefits with Melanotan 2.

Melanotan 2 Benefits

  • MT-2 reduces appetite which can help lose weight which will be a bonus for a lot of people! This can happen as soon as it is taken.
  • It can help increase the libido, this was discovered during clinical studies and at this time Melanotan was used as a means of treating problems with potency.
  • For people with fair skin and who find it hard to get a tan without getting sunburn, then Melanotan will be the key to solving your problem.

From research, the experts have proven it is relatively safe because the peptide was originally created as a means of protecting against sunburn. All other positive additions from the use of Melanotan-2 have been identified in clinical studies.

Melanotan 2 was created for medical purposes for residents of regions with very hot climates. The Italian Medical Agency became the first public health organization to approve the MT-II for use by Italians for sunburn protection. Currently, Melanotan 2 is widely tested for cosmetic and medical purposes, which once again proves its high efficiency as a means of protecting the skin.

The Effect of Using the Peptide Sciences Melanotan 2

The Melanotan 2 peptide from a physiological point of view is that the Melanotan is a result of melanin oxidation under the influence of ultraviolet rays. According to studies, the effect of Melanotan will occur within 7-10 days of taking it. Then the skin will be protected as much as possible and the tan will be of even quality.

The main intention of the research of MT-2/Melanotan 2 is to produce a product to prevent the development of skin cancer. Who doesn’t want a safe tanning product that helps to get the desired tan and maintain it without harm to health?

Melanotan 2 Dosage Example

In research, Melanotan 2 injections are administered into the fatty layer. The best outcome was to start at 25% of the full dose and then increasing it 20% daily to the full dose for your body weight. The dosage was determined at the rate of 1 mg per 100 kg of body weight; 0.5 mg is needed for 50 kg of body weight. This is the optimal dosage to give a tan after 2 weeks.

The experts discovered the need to inject MT-2 until the desirable tan was achieved.  To speed up pigmentation in patients a visit to a solarium 3 times a week or to sunbathe in the sun worked. For a continued tan, the need to take MT-2 only 1-2 times a week, 1 mg was necessary. For some, it is enough to sunbathe 1-2 times a week and the tan will remain. With prolonged exposure to the sun, the tan will become deeper and more intense. Skin type also influences dosage selection. The dosages varied between 10mg to 50 mg depending on skin type. The dosage was given daily and the duration depended on the goals set.

Peptide Sciences Melanotan 2 Side Effects

No major side effects were identified with testing of the use of the drug. But it is necessary to store the diluted Melanotan 2 solution in the refrigerator at a temperature of +2 to +8 degrees Celsius for no more than 15 days.

For high quality and clinically tested Melanotan buy now from the competitive price of $47.50!

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What is Triptorelin Used For?

what is Triptorelin used for?You may be asking the question of what is triptorelin used for. Well, the answer is Triptorelin is a hormone therapy medication used to treat various conditions including early onset of puberty in boys and girls, fertilization treatment, and prostate cancer. Triptorelin is classed as a research peptide and is still being studied. In brief, it is a man-made substance that has shown effective on various health issues and especially in treating prostate cancer.

What is Triptorelin Acetate Used?

Cancer of the prostate requires hormone testosterone to develop. Nearly all testosterone in men is produced by the testicles. But a tiny amount is formed in the adrenal glands that are situated over the kidneys. Triptorelin halts the making of testosterone from the testicles. It reduces the levels of testosterone and therefore can lower or prevent cancer of the prostate. The research peptide Triptorelin is prescribed either on its own or with other medicines to treat prostate cancer. It can also be used before or after radiation therapy and surgery. In addition, it is used to manage prostate cancer that has spread to other areas of the body.

What Happens with a Triptorelin Dose?

Triptorelin is not a cure for prostate cancer but is used as a treatment. It acts at an adenohypophyseal level, stimulating the synthesis and release of gonadotropins LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone). The increase in gonadotropin levels causes an increase in the production of testosterone in the testis or estrogens in the ovary, which in turn inhibits the hypothalamic production of GnRH, by negative feed-back, feeding back the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis.

How long is the Triptorelin Injection Given?

Depending upon the individual’s circumstances with prostate cancer Triptorelin is prescribed either for several months or years. Sufferers with advanced prostate cancer sometimes have alternating triptorelin therapy. This means it is given for a few months until the cancer level is reduced, and this is monitored by PSA blood tests. Then a break from triptorelin treatment is given until it is necessary to start again. The treatment involves a Triptorelin Injection administered monthly (or every 3-6 months with a longer-acting preparation) into the buttock known as intramuscular, or under the skin (subcutaneously).

Triptorelin Side Effects

With all research peptides, there might be side effects.  Some people find the injection unpleasant, so anesthetic cream is applied beforehand. Osteoporosis can develop with long term use of Triptorelin. It should not be used whilst pregnant. Plus if you have any other underlying health condition it is important to inform your doctor. Other common problems logged from a study with triptorelin are bone pain, cold or flu, depression, diarrhea, headache, hot flashes, impotence, nausea, sickness, and vaginal bleeding.

What is Triptorelin used for in other medical cases?

Hormones are naturally made in the body for it to work effectively. They work as chemical messengers and control the workings of cells and organs. Hormone therapy like triptorelin obstructs the way hormones are made and the way they work.  As we mentioned early on triptorelin can also help treat early puberty in children and help with infertility problems. In the UK triptorelin is used as a hormonal treatment in transgender people to repress testosterone and estrogen synthesis. Plus it has been found to be effective in treating hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer.

Triptorelin Injection Cost

It is amazing at what research peptides can do these days to help treat various conditions and diseases. Let’s hope they can help treat many diseases in the future! For those searching for the research chemical triptorelin check out USA Peptides now.

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Tesamorelin Benefits

tesamorelin benefitsThis guide takes a look at the research chemical Tesamorelin benefits as well as discovering how it works and what it can treat in the future in medicine! Tesamorelin peptide is a synthetic form of growth hormone-releasing hormone or GHRH. It contains all 44 human amino acids GHRH with the addition of a group of trans-3-hexenoic acid (N-terminally modified compounds based on GHRH). This modified synthetic research chemical is a stronger version and more stable than the natural endogenous peptide growth hormone-releasing hormone. Tesamorelin is also more resistant to cleavage than dipeptidyl aminopeptidase than human GHRH.

Tesamorelin Before and After – How it Works

Growth hormone-releasing hormone or GHRH; somatocrinin is a 44-amino acid endogenous peptide hormone released from the neurosecretory nerve terminals of these arcuate neurons in a pulsating mode. GHRH then carries from the hypothalamic-pituitary portal system to the pituitary gland, where it binds to growth hormone-releasing hormone receptors and stimulates the secretion of growth hormone by the pituitary gland.

Peptide Tesamorelin Mechanism of Action

The peptide Tesamorelin works similarly to its natural analog GHRH. In the anterior pituitary gland, it binds to growth hormone-releasing hormone receptors (GHRHR), which causes the production of growth hormone (GH) by the pituitary gland. The growth hormone then carries some of its effects by binding to the receptors of the target cells of various organs in the body; however, the main target organ of growth hormone is the liver, where GH stimulates the production of IGF-1 or insulin-like growth factor 1.

Tesamorelin for Weight Loss

Growth hormone production is associated with the regulation of many important processes and functions in the body, especially the regulation of anabolic and lipolytic mechanisms. However, it has been found that the main mechanisms by which Tesamorelin reduces body fat mass are lipolysis, followed by a reduction in triglyceride levels. Lipolysis is the process by which fats are broken down in the body, the metabolic pathway by which lipid triglycerides are hydrolyzed to glycerol and three fatty acids.

Clinical Trials – Tesamorelin Peptide Benefits

Tesamorelin is used to treat HIV-related lipodystrophy, to reduce excess fat in the stomach that is caused by taking HIV medicines. HIV-related lipodystrophy is a condition that occurs in HIV-infected patients treated with antiretroviral drugs. Clinical studies have confirmed that Tesamorelin drastically reduces abdominal fat with fewer side effects than HGH. But abdominal fat may return depending on the individual person after discontinuing of Tesamorelin dosage. Tesamorelin could cause damage to the fetus or birth defects, so it should not be used in pregnant women.

Scientific Tesamorelin Peptide Benefits

  • Significantly reduces belly fat
  • Increases the secretion of growth hormone
  • It can provide many other positive effects associated with elevated GH levels

Possible Tesamorelin Side Effects

  • Pain, redness, itching, swelling or other irritation at the injection site
  • Numbness or tingling in the hands or fingers
  • Swelling of the hands, ankles or feet
  • Pain or stiffness in muscles or joints
  • Tesamorelin is contraindicated in pregnancy as may cause damage to the fetus
  • May cause glucose intolerance, high blood sugar or may increase the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Nausea

Tesamorelin Dosage

Clinical use for the treatment of excess abdominal fat is 2 mg Tesamorelin by subcutaneous injection once daily in the abdomen. Tesamorelin is classed as a research chemical and is still in the early stages of clinical trials. Whilst Tesamorelin benefits are beginning to surface there is still a long way to go before it is in mainstream medicine.

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Where to Buy Semax Tips

where to buy Semax In this blog, we look at tips on finding the best place where to buy Semax peptide! If you are in the research trade you will know how important it is to buy top quality tested research products. After all, if the chemicals aren’t good enough then you will not get the results you want! Research chemicals are essential for the future and finding cures and treatments for various diseases. We are all aware the internet is flooded with fakes and inferior goods from companies that just want to make a profit. In this guide, we help you find the best place to buy Semax peptide. But, first, let’s look at what Semax is…

What is Semax?

Semax is a research peptide that was first pioneered in Russia and Ukraine to help treat brain damage, cognitive damage, and strokes. To date in the USA Semax is classed as research peptide and is still being tested but has shown significant results in enhancing cognitive ability. Semax nasal spray is a trademarked Russian nootropic supplement and is used widely as nasal drops to boost cognitive functions. The chemical Semax has not had extensive research in other countries including the USA, so it is not approved for use. But, Semax is available from reputable peptide suppliers for study purposes in medical and science establishments.

How Does Semax Work?

The research peptide Semax in testing has had many positive medical findings. Semax is a peptide that is a man-made analog of a fragment of Adrenocorticotropic hormone or ACTH4-10. It has shown many benefits and its main purpose of the use is a nootropic, antihypoxic, psychostimulating, neuroprotective, and antioxidant treatment. Semax boosts neurotrophic factor levels in the brain. These chemicals help encourage the growth of neurons and manage existing neurons growth, as well as regenerate and make new neurons. This plays a big part in the function of the brain, helping memory, controlling emotional behavior, learning, and relieving pain.

Ceretropic Semax Benefits

The subject of this blog is where to buy Semax peptide and whilst in many countries, it is only sold for human research in some countries it is available as a nootropic by prescription. This is because it has been found to have many additional benefits including:

  • Boosting the Immune System
  • Improving Brain Health – including improving attention and short-term memory
  • Reducing Anxiety – It can help protect the brain from various types of stress
  • Improve the condition Glaucoma Optic Neuropathy
  •  Help recover from a stroke
  •  Pain Relief

As you can see Semax has many positive results in boosting brain function and memory as well as the immune system. It is important for those prescribed this medication to follow the doctor’s instructions for the best outcome. Alternatively, if you are in the research industry and searching for a reputable supplier read on!

Where to Buy Semax Amazon

Semax nasal spray is widely available via large companies such as Amazon. But, if you are searching for the pure Semax chemical then make sure you buy from a trusted source. Check the company for testing procedures before you buy any research chemical. It can be a minefield with research peptides. Frequently you might find Semax vs Selank nootropic products but they are both similar peptides and both work the same.

For more information on where to buy Semax Reddit has extensive reviews:

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Peptide Sciences TB500

peptide sciences tb500Research chemicals experts Peptide Sciences TB500 peptide is one of the top-selling products at the present time. This peptide has been found to have strong anti-inflammatory properties. The man-made protein TB500 is a division of the protein Thymosin Beta-4 and is present in all animals and humans. The main reason behind tb500 by scientists is to promote new blood and muscle cells and help provide healing effects in the heart, eyes, skin, muscles, ligaments, and tendons.  This could be a huge advantage in modern medicine and help treat many related conditions in the future. Whist, it is classed as a research chemical and not for human consumption, it is showing good progress in a study!

TB-500 Dosage Forum

The peptide TB500 was discovered in the laboratories and derives from Thymosin beta-4 which is naturally made in the body in large amounts when tissue is damaged. The development of TB500 means it is stronger, anti-inflammatory agents to heal wounds faster. The study has found the TB-500 mechanism of action is its capability to regulate cell-binding protein Actin, an important part of cell structure and action in the body. Here are some of the peptide products available in the range of TB-500 for sale:

A Guide to Bpc-157 vs. TB-500

BPC157 and TB500 are research chemicals and still being tested. In studies, they are often combined to produce more effective results in healing wounds. When used together BPC157 and TB500 work with growth hormones in the body to provide successful healing. They also promote the growth of new soft tissue and increase cell life. This means it could help speed up the healing process in the future. Peptide Sciences supply BPC157, TB500 10mg Blend for $115.00.

Peptide Sciences Review

If you are in the research trade and want a reliable source to purchase research peptides check out Peptide Sciences. The company has a huge choice of research products for sale and at competitive prices. You can rest assured that all of the research chemicals are clinically tested and are manufactured in the US. What’s even better is Peptide Sciences provide a fast and efficient service from placing an order to fast delivery. You can gain from their promotions and with each product the more you buy the more you save! Why not check some of our links and see for yourself how affordable Peptide Sciences TB500 is!

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Browse Peptide Sciences Website for the Latest Offers

Peptide Sciences websiteFor those in the science and medical industry searching for high-quality research chemicals have you checked out Peptide Sciences Website? Peptide Sciences are a leading supplier of USA manufactured research peptides, proteins, and amino acids. The company is approved and works united with WHO/GMP and ISO 9001:2008 providing the highest quality products at competitive prices. Peptides and research chemicals are important for the future in medicine and treating various diseases. While the majority available are not for human consumption and are only for research purposes only they are essential for the medical industry. So if you are in this trade why not check out Peptide Sciences Website today?

Why Buy Peptides?

Peptides are molecules that result from the union of two or more amino acids. In peptides and proteins, these amide bonds are called peptide bonds. Peptides are generally considered not to be greater than 50 or 100 amino acids. Peptides exist naturally in food. But due to the potential benefits of peptides found by experts, it prompted manufacturers to develop man-made versions of them. Peptides produced are used in many ways including anti-inflammatory conditions, anti-aging, and increasing muscle. Some of the most common peptides are used in treating muscle wastage, skin health, and age-related conditions.

How do Peptides Work?

Studies have discovered man-made peptides are easy for the body to absorb compared to proteins as they are smaller. They can easily enter the bloodstream via the skin and intestines. The most popular peptides build muscle mass and strength, which can help in treating muscle wastage. But, with these results, they are often used by athletes for the enhancement of muscle and strength. But, we would like to point out that they are still being researched and are not for human consumption. Peptides naturally can be found in various forms such as animal protein and plant sources.  Natural peptide sources are in beans, eggs, fish, flaxseed, hemp seeds, oats, lentils, meat, milk, and wheat.

Peptide Sciences Review

But scientists are most interested in bioactive peptides as they show positive effects on human health and body.  This is where peptide companies come in. While the internet can be flooded with fakes in this industry there are plenty of reputable peptide suppliers around offering an excellent service. It is easy to source a trusted source simply by doing some research yourself. If you browse the Peptide Sciences website you will see that they have a strict testing policy to ensure you are guaranteed pure chemicals! Now let us take a look at some of the best-sellers available on the Peptide Sciences website!

Top Seller Peptide Sciences Ipamorelin

The peptide Ipamorelin has undergone numerous studies on animals and some on humans but the main usage is to promote the release of human growth hormone. This process is been found to help increase human growth hormones in children. It has also shown positivity in age-related problems. Other benefits are:

  • Improved energy levels and helps lower fatigue
  • Better energy metabolism so reduces body fat
  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Repairs and regenerates cells and heals injuries and improves the immune system
  • Better sleep patterns
  • Increases bone density and helps lower the possibility of osteoporosis

Research to date has discovered Ipamorelin Side Effects are few. This peptide is well accepted and minor problems may occur such as dry mouth, sickness, water retention, and irritation from the injection.

Best Seller Peptide sciences Tesamorelin

Tesamorelin is approved by the FDA (Food & Drugs Administration) for use in humans so it is a positive peptide for ongoing study. So far Tesamorelin has had a positive effect on lowering heart disease in HIV, improving injuries, and slows down the development of dementia. There are few side effects with Tesamorelin. But it is important to buy from a reputable and licensed supplier. For more information about this effective peptide read this link:

Bargain Buy Peptide Sciences CJC-1295

CJC-1295 is a man-made GHRH peptide (growth hormone-releasing hormone) and consists of 30 amino acids. It is still being researched but has shown positive results in increasing growth hormone emission. The growth hormone declines with age and so can cause many age-related conditions in the body. CJC-1295 is often used with Ipamorelin to improve GHRH. This means it can help increase muscle growth and bone density, improve the immune system and memory, boost fat loss, and promote dell repair and regeneration.

Buy Peptides at Competitive Prices

Peptides are classed as research chemicals and most of them are not for human consumption. But, many of them are showing positive benefits in treating many age-related conditions and diseases. Let’s hope they continue to be a success in the study so they can be rolled out in mainstream medicine one day! If you are in the research trade make sure you check out the wide choice of peptides, amino acids, and proteins available on the Peptide Sciences website.


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A Guide to Peptide Sciences BPC-157

peptide sciences bpc 157 human trialsPeptide Sciences BPC-157 is one of the top-selling peptides to purchase currently in the research chemicals trade. Peptide Sciences are an established company that has over 100 peptides, proteins, and amino acids for sale. Recently there has been a lot of hype with BPC-157, with new positive information being discovered from studies showing positive results. These results include; fighting stomach ulcers, inflammation-related diseases, and improving healing in bones, joints, and organs. In addition, it has also been found to have a positive impact on the brain and body!

What Is BPC-157?

The peptide BPC-157 is also known as Bepecin, PL 14736, and PL-10. It is made up of 15 amino acids and known in the medical world as a Penta-decapeptide. BPC means Body protection Compound and can be found naturally in the human digestive tract. BPC-157 is a man-made peptide and was created from another protein TB-500. Due to its results and synthetic status, it was spotted in the sporting competitions where there are strict doping rules. It led to athletes being excluded and is a banned substance by WADA or the World Anti-Doping Agency.

BPC-157 Peptide Sciences Review

There have been many notable positive effects discovered in tests with BPC-157. So it is hoped it could be a possible treatment in the future for many health issues in the medical world. Data from experiments have found the peptide BPC-157 has been effective in treating diseases and other health problems. To summarize BPC-157 benefits include:

  • BPC-157 tendonitis or inflammation of a tendon. BPC-157 can make tendon cells grow faster from injury.
  • The peptide BPC-157 appears to help treat stomach ulcers via effects on the dopamine and adrenaline systems.
  • Anti-inflammatory effects on the intestines which can improve overall health in the body.
  • Data from some tests have found it to have positive effects on treating Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

Peptide Sciences BPC-157 Future Potential

The peptide BPC-157 has in a recent study shown impressive results in research. While classed as a research chemical and not for human consumption, it is in clinical trials to help cure many diseases in the future. Experts have logged many positive benefits from tests with BPC-157 on bones, muscles, and joints. It appears to provide a fast recovery from injuries and promote new growth in cartilage and tendons. This means it could be a very useful medication in the future to speed up repair and help other health problems.

Best Place to Buy BPC-157

We would like to point out that BPC-157 is still in early clinical trials, and not yet readily available. You may find online companies such as Amazon selling BPC-157 spray and BPC-157 patch to help heal tissues. But there are also specialist peptide companies supply research chemicals to the trade for investigational purposes. Peptide Sciences BPC-157 is available in 2mg and 5mg vials from $59.50 and there are incredible offers to be had on the more you buy the more you save! This product is for experts to use only as BPC-157 reconstitution is necessary! If this is your trade then why not check out Peptide Sciences now and see the huge choice of high-quality peptides on sale!






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Best place to Buy Sermorelin

best place to buy sermorelinIn this guide, we give you tips to find the best place to buy sermorelin and discover what it is and its benefits. If you are in the research chemical trade it is important to source the best quality peptides, amino acids, and proteins to achieve the best results. The internet can be strewn with fakes and inferior products so do your homework and buy from reputable companies. This is easy to do simply check the website for its testing policy! First, let’s take a look at the interesting research peptide Sermorelin and find out what results have been found to date!

What is Sermorelin?

Sermorelin is a research peptide and a man-made product that is made up of a series of amino acids accumulated into a molecule known as a peptide. Recent years in research have discovered it to have anti-aging properties. This is reached because it is a growth hormone-releasing hormone secretagogue (GHRH). This is a substance that promotes the development and release of growth hormone from the pituitary. In contrast to the dangerous hormonal therapy with HGH or human growth hormone, Sermorelin does not directly enter the body. Instead, the pituitary gland in a patient is stimulated by Sermorelin to encourage the production of the body’s natural growth hormone in safe amounts. This means there are few side effects experienced.

Sermorelin Dosage for Anti Aging

Sermorelin in recent years has been found to help fight aging and make the body function better. This is due to the fact that as we age the natural growth hormone levels decrease in the body and it doesn’t work as well as it did when we were young. The growth hormone plays an important part in many functions including bone growth and problems associated with aging.

A Guide to Sermorelin Benefits

With extended study over time by experts in the medical world, Sermorelin has now been shown to have many positive results such as:

  • Increases metabolism and energy which can help stabilize energy for longer and reduce tiredness and fatigue.
  • It generates lean muscle mass and preserves the muscle because with age it is common to lose important muscle.
  • Regulate the immune system and promote cell regeneration that can help with physical repair and wound healing.
  • As Sermorelin increases metabolism it encourages more energy levels and so can influence fat loss and promote weight loss.
  • Improve muscle mass and strength can also have a positive effect on bones and joints and help lower the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Improved heart function, the HGH can help lower the risk of heart problems
  • Better sleep pattern using Sermorelin.

Sermorelin for Weight Loss – An Advantage

While Sermorelin has many positive results to its name, the one benefit that could help millions around the globe is treating fat loss. With overweight and obesity, a growing problem Sermorelin could one day help treat millions of patients to lose weight. We all know it can be hard shifting those extra pounds so wouldn’t it be great to get a boost? In addition, it can cause many serious health conditions! While we know changing eating habits and becoming more active are the two main points to losing weight, Sermorelin could be the encouragement many people need. At this point, you are probably seeing the great number of possible anti-aging factors that surround this popular peptide.

Best Place to Buy Sermorelin

Sermorelin has many benefits and if you are searching for this peptide and want to buy Sermorelin we can help. While Sermorelin is classed as a research chemical it is available only for study purposes only. This means you want to make sure you buy from a reputable supplier. Peptide Sciences is our recommendation as the best place to buy sermorelin. Peptide Sciences are an established company with a huge selection of research products for sale. The company has strict clinical testing and provides products of at least 99% purity! They have an informative website with an easy ordering system, fast and efficient service, plus ship worldwide too! You won’t be disappointed in the cost, Sermorelin price varies between the affordable Sermorelin 2mg for $32.50 and Sermorelin 5 mg for $49.50!