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Peptide Therapy Online

peptide therapyAccording to their chemical structure, hormones are divided into steroids and peptides. Steroid hormones are glucocorticoids, mineralocorticoids, sex steroids (androgens, estrogens, progestogens), and sterol hormones (vitamin D derivatives). There are many peptide hormones, that make the term peptide therapy. The most important among them are; adrenocorticotropic hormone (AKTH), anti-diuretic hormone (ADH), glucagon, gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), erythropoietin (EPO), and insulin-like (insulin-producing), luteinizing hormone (LH), thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH), thyroxine (T4), triiodothyronine (T3), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), adrenaline, honoprynate (HGH), somatostatin, somatotropin-releasing hormone (GHRH) and ghrelin.

Peptide Therapy Benefits

The hormones listed above are secreted by the endocrine glands and activate a number of biochemical processes in the body. The secretion of these glands is stimulated or suppressed by hormones secreted by the pituitary gland. It (the pituitary gland) is a major endocrine organ in the human body. It directs the activity of all other glands in the human body, providing effective control over them.

In bodybuilding environments, the use of peptide hormones refers specifically to the use of hormones that stimulate the secretion of growth hormone (which in itself is also a peptide hormone). The secretion of growth hormone (HGH – human Growth Hormone) by the pituitary gland depends on 3 other hormones:

Somatostatin (GHIH – Growth Hormone Inhibiting Hormone), which is a retention hormone. It is separated from the hypothalamus.

Somatoliberin or Somatotropin-releasing hormone (GHRH – Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone), which is a stimulating hormone. It is separated from the hypothalamus.

Ghrelin (also known as the hunger hormone), is a modulating hormone and actually optimizes the balance between the other two hormones. It is secreted by the pancreas.

The problem with using GHRH analogs alone is that they are only effective when somatostatin levels are low. So it is imperative that they be combined with GHRP (Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide). This in turn creates a growth hormone pulse through a number of mechanisms such as a reduction in somatostatin release. The result of the combination of GHRP and GHRH analogs is a synergistic release of growth hormone. This means the releases is not total, and even more – in simple language when there is synergy, it means that 2 + 2 is not equal to 4, but 5).

Best Product Peptide Therapy Reviews

The most popular synthetic GHRPs are GHRP-6, GHRP-2, and Ipamorelin. They differ from each other in terms of saturation of the body’s sensitivity to them and in terms of the increase in prolactin and cortisol levels that accompanies their intake. Cortisol is a catabolic hormone, and prolactin in women increases lactation, and its high levels in the blood can cause infertility.

The maximum single dose of GHRP saturation (GHRP-6, GHRP-2, and Ipamorelin) in most medical studies is 100 mcg or 1 mcg/kg body weight. If you add another 100mcg per intake only 50% of them will be effective, with another 100mcg only 25%. Therefore, repeated use of GHRP during the day at 100mcg is more appropriate, as a single intake provides a pulse of growth hormone for only a few hours, and 100mcg is completely sufficient to saturate the receptors. GHRP-6 and GHRP-2 can be used 3-4 times a day in their saturated dose of 100mcg, without causing a decrease in sensitivity, and Ipamorelin even more.

Peptide Therapy Anti-Aging

These differences make some of them more suitable for some purposes and others for other purposes:

GHRP-6 is the standard and most widely used of the three, and is suitable for both gaining muscle mass and burning fat. Its saturation dose is 100mcg and there is no noticeable increase in prolactin and cortisol levels. This occurs at higher doses, but again within normal limits. A disadvantage for those who want to burn fat and lose weight is the increased appetite that users feel in the first weeks. It is due to the fact that it increases the action of the hormone ghrelin (the hormone of hunger), which is released from the pancreas and is responsible for appetite and satiety.

GHRP-2 is stronger than GHRP-6, causing a stronger pulse of growth hormone. But at the same time, it raises prolactin and cortisol levels to a greater extent. It is important that even doses above the saturating level of 100mcg (such as 200-400mcg for example) do not exceed the permissible reference values ​​for prolactin and cortisol. Its use is more appropriate during a period of increasing muscle mass, as slight water retention is possible.

Ipamorelin is as effective as GHRP-6 in inducing growth hormone pulse. At the same time, doses above its saturating 100mcg did not cause any increase in prolactin and cortisol levels.

Summary: Peptide Therapy Online

There is an abundance of research chemical companies online and there to supply to the research industry. All of these mentioned research chemicals are still very much in the early stages of clinical trials. But, many are showing positive results in treating age-related problems.

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Peptide Sciences Review – All You Need!

peptide sciences reviewIntroduction to Peptide Sciences

When you are buying research chemicals you want a reliable and trusted source to buy the best peptides. This post will certainly help you make your mind up in deciding where to buy peptide products from! In this Peptide Sciences review, we find out why this supplier is one of the leading research companies in the USA. Plus we find out what the best selling products are and what customers have to say who have used them. First here we look at what peptides are!

How Do Peptides Work?

Peptides are natural organic molecules and exist in all living organisms and have a big part in all biological activity. As with proteins, natural peptides can be copied by scientists and artificial types can be formed from the genetic code, DNA. This procedure of copying the DNA gene series into messenger molecules or mRNA then transports the code to certain peptides or proteins. Analysis of mRNA a sequence of amino acid chains connects as one from peptide bonds to make a single molecule. In brief, there are 20 amino acids that occur naturally and they can be united together like letters and numbers into a huge selection of varying molecules. A molecule is made up of 2-50 amino acids and is called a peptide, larger links of amino acids up to 50 are called a protein.


Peptide Pros in the Body

Peptides can be found in every cell and tissue and carry out a variety of important functions. The safeguarding of the correct absorption and action levels of peptides is crucial to preserve the internal environment of the body (body temperature etc) and sustain general health. The job that a peptide does is reliant on the type of amino acids concerned in the link and series and shape of the peptide. The interesting fact with peptides is they act as hormones, and form biological messengers moving information from one cell to another and via the blood. For instance, peptide hormones are made in the glands and various tissues like the brain, intestine, and stomach. In the case of peptide hormones, they are involved in regulating blood glucose, e.g. insulin, glucagon-like-peptide 1 or GLP-1 and glucagon, and those concerning hunger, including Ghrelin.

Peptide Sciences Review 2021

Now you can see how important peptides are in maintaining a healthy body. This is why there is a need for specialized research chemical companies such as Peptide Sciences to supply high-quality products. Therefore scientists can copy natural peptides to provide man-made types to help provide treatments and cures for various conditions that affect us! Peptides Sciences is a leading research chemical company and pride itself on supplying high-quality products. The trademarked company Peptide Sciences collaborate with WHO/GMP and ISO 9001:2008 approved manufacturers. The company Peptide Sciences supply clinically tested and pure research amino acids, proteins, and peptides. For those in this trade, the website has a huge selection of products with over 100 listed on their website.

Where is Peptide Sciences Located?

Peptide Sciences is located in California in the USA. Established in the early 2000’s they are one of the longest-serving online research companies in the US. The website is easy to navigate, with a huge choice of research chemicals at competitive costs. There is an easy ordering system where you can order 24/7! You have a choice of easy payments with all major credit cards accepted. You can rest assured you’re your payment information protected and secure. There are always promotions on the website, for example, free shipping on certain spends, the option to bulk buy and save money, as well as saving more with peptide sciences coupon code! Even better Peptide Sciences ships worldwide for an extra charge, so you don’t have to be in the USA to benefit from the high standards of this company.

What Makes Peptide Sciences an Authority in Research?

One of the main advantages of Peptide Sciences is the owner is a leading doctor. Therefore with this knowledge in the research industry the company knows what the science and research community wants. And that is pure and safe research chemicals for all testing. The company pride itself on all of the research products supplied being at least 99% pure! You can’t beat that, can you? Here we list some of the top best-selling research products available.

Kisspeptin-10 $45.00

PE-22-28 $55.00

FOXO4-DRI 10mg $340.00

ARA-290 16mg $95.00

B7-33 6mg $70.00

Vialox (Pentapeptide-3V) $220.00

Tripeptide-29 (Collagen peptide) $200.00

Syn-Coll (Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5) $230.00

Syn-AKE $230.00

SNAP-8 1000mg $480.00

                            <<BUY HERE NOW>>

Peptide Sciences Reviews: Customer feedback

As with all websites, there is plenty of feedback online to see what people have to say about their experiences. You can always Google Peptide Sciences review Reddit or Trust pilot, or read what these customers had to say!

Steven Jones, New Jersey, Peptide Science review; “I work at one of our leading universities and manage the head of the science and research department and need access to high-quality research products. Whilst I have used many online companies including Blue Sky Peptide, which were great but they didn’t have the choice that Peptide Science. The choice is amazing and I really like the fact you can buy in bulk with these guys! The chemicals are very good quality and are shipped in protective packages. I would say some of the products can be costly, but I certainly think in our industry you want the best you can buy”

Harriet Lewis, Kentucky, Peptides Sciences review; “I have ordered regularly from California based Peptide Sciences. The company provides an excellent service from ordering to fast shipping and high-grade research products. I work in science and research and am in charge of buying research products. The advantage of Peptide Sciences is they have a huge choice of chemicals for sale. They also have promotions and you have the opportunity to buy in bulk, so that is great for our company!”

Conclusion Peptides Sciences Reviews

We hope you have enjoyed the information we have provided regarding the research chemical company Peptide Sciences. If you wish to have your say, just let us know. We know that online is the place to go when you want to find out how company rates in the business. We hope this peptide science review has helped you decide where to buy your research peptides from next time!!

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Peptide Science Ipamorelin

Peptide Science IpamorelinPeptide Science Ipamorelin is a research drug that stimulates the body to produce more natural growth hormones and helps the body to work more effectively. Growth hormones (GH) are produced in the pituitary glands, which can sometimes fail or produce hormones in low amounts. Ipamorelin stimulates the production of growth hormones in two ways. First, the drug increases the natural GH-releasing hormone, which ultimately leads to high levels of growth hormone secretion. Second, Ipamorelin suppresses the somatostatin hormone, which suppresses the production of growth hormones in the body. In addition to limiting somatostatin activity in your body, this drug removes all barriers that block the natural production of growth hormone, thus improving the rate of growth hormone production.

Is Ipamorelin Legit?

Legally, Peptide Science Ipamorelin is not sold for human consumption but for medical research only. However, after discovering that the drug could be useful if used in humans, people began to use it and many are now enjoying the benefits of it. Laws usually vary from government to government, and we encourage you to reaffirm your country’s legal position on this drug. But your doctor can help you if it is prescribed via an ipamorelin prescription. No matter how easily you access the medicine, make sure that your doctor guides you through the whole process to avoid side effects. The truth you need to know before using Ipamorelin.

How Does Ipamorelin Work?

The main job of Ipamorelin is to stimulate the production of growth hormones in the body. Growth hormones affect the whole body, which means that all parts of the body and tissues will eventually undergo growth. Researchers have discovered it can develop quality lean muscle. Results in testing have also found it effective on growth in all body tissues which could act as an anti-aging supplement. On the other hand, the presence of growth hormone in the body increases the body’s metabolism, which helps burn excess body fat. This could be a huge benefit to help treat weight loss and reduce obesity levels.  Growth hormones play a vital role in the growth of the tissues and for the body to work properly.

Ipamorelin Reviews and Benefits

Ipamorelin is the research peptide that the community considers one of the few safest GHRPs and is a selective GH stimulant. Results from testing of this drug report various benefits, which we will mention below. Ipamorelin, as its development has remained popular due to the effects it provides on the body. In fact, among all the fat-burning peptides, this drug rates high in this sector.

Ipamorelin Fat Loss

The best result with ipamorelin is it helps burn fat. This works by an increase in growth hormone in the body that helps increase the metabolism which promotes fat burning. This process is more effective if it is used with a calorie-controlled diet and fitness regime. An example is that athletes will get better results with training in comparison to those who don’t.

Ipamorelin Muscle Growth

Peptide Science Ipamorelin not only burns fat but also has the ability to increase lean muscle. The body’s growth hormone is the main cause in developing tissue which includes muscles. With adequate exercise and diet growth hormones will keep muscle strength and help repair them. Burning excess body fat will allow the body to develop quality lean muscle. However, as we age the growth hormone declines and this can cause muscles to become weak. Other factors are illness can make muscles weak, and cause muscle wastage diseases. Ipamorelin has shown to be effective in strengthening muscle tissue and encouraging new muscle cells to grow.

Ipamorelin Side Effects

As with all research peptides including Ipamorelin, there are pros and cons to the peptide. Some of the problems discovered from Ipamorelin are:

  • An increase in hunger
  • Dry mouth
  • Redness and itchiness
  • Nausea

Peptide Sciences Reviews

If you are in the research industry and want a reliable source to purchase check out this link NOW!

<<Peptides Science Ipamorelin NOW>>

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Best Peptide For Weight Loss

best peptide for weight lossThese days research peptides are growing in popularity to find alternative treatments to various health issues. In this post, we ask the question what is the best peptide for weight loss? Peptides are a family of substances that are constructed from alpha-amino acid residues and are linked by peptide bonds in a chain. Peptide compounds can be synthetic or natural and contain hundreds of monomeric units – amino acids.

Best Peptides for Muscle Growth

In sports, peptides are illegally used to regulate physical parameters, and peptides are also used to burn fat. The most popular representatives of these substances used by athletes are peptides, which are stimulators of growth hormone. Artificial growth hormones are strong competition for new peptide substances, but the latter has a number of advantages such as:

  • Compared to growth hormones, peptides are more flexible in application, which can achieve the best anabolic effect
  • The production of peptides is not controlled by the legislator, so it is much easier to obtain them
  • The speed of their destruction and excretion from the body does cause problems in doping control
  • It is easy for sportspeople to get caught using them!
  • There are a number of peptides or other substances available for effects on metabolism and hunger

There is a lot of peptides being studied with most of which are well understood. In sports and especially in bodybuilding peptides are the most popular. There is a set of peptides for increasing muscle mass and some fat-burning peptides that do not affect muscle fibers but instead burn fat. In this post, we are most interested in finding the best peptide for weight loss.

Peptides for Fat Burning

Glucagon is a peptide that has hormonal activity. It increases access to additional energy sources, which are fatty acids, which makes their breakdown active and releases the energy needed for exercise. It also acts on certain substances, so they in turn stimulate the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. This has a positive effect on the quality of adrenaline produced. Adrenaline increases the breakdown of fats which in turn decreases weight.

For athletics, Glucagon has another property as it provokes the consumption of glycogen by the liver and practically does not affect muscle glycogen, which has a positive effect on the duration of quality training.

The Best Peptide for Weight Loss

HGH fragment 176-191 is the fragment responsible for burning fat. The set of amino acids from which it is made does not affect the set of muscle mass. Its main task – the splitting of fat deposits, more precisely the speed of their separation. Regular use of the HGH fragment 176-191 significantly reduces the rate of formation of new fat cells, making it as popular as the fat-burning peptide. The side effect of taking this fragment is an increase in the production of insulin-like growth factor, which has a very positive effect on the speed of the aging process, which is often accompanied by active fat accumulation.

How to Take Peptides?

To get the best results from peptides the administration is important to achieve the desired result as soon as possible, as well as to avoid side effects. In research, experts use insulin syringes and bactericidal water (in extreme cases, water for injections). The injection area is about 8 cm from the navel to the right or left. Then the injection is performed at an angle of 45 degrees. This type of injection is given only on an empty stomach and then a break of at least 4 hours between administrations. To avoid side effects the correct amount is needed and should be prescribed by a doctor. With all medication, it is crucial to seek medical advice. As far as the best peptide for weight loss most are still being studied!

Buy Peptides for Weight Loss

To conclude we would like to point out that most peptides are for research use only. They are not to be used by humans. Some have been approved by the FDA for certain medical conditions. But the best peptide for weight loss and obesity are still being investigated. For most governments around the globe, it is hoped they might one day approve one of the many peptides that have fat-burning benefits. These include:

Ipamorelin Fat Loss Results are impressive and so too is the peptide CJC 1295. Sometimes peptides are combined and a popular stack is CJC 1295 Ipamorelin for weight loss results. Finally, peptides for belly fat only is Tesamorelin, this is mostly used by HIV patients as their medication causes abdominal weight gain only. For more, you can read here.




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Epitalon Peptide Benefits

epitalon peptide benefitsThe main Epitalon peptide benefits discovered so far in research is to slow down aging and help to rejuvenate the body. These results have been found from years of studies around the world by scientists and doctors specializing in anti-aging. The research peptide Epitalon or Epithalon is a tetrapeptide and was discovered by scientists at the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology. The man-made research peptide Epithalon was discovered as the reputed active element of a bovine pineal gland extract known as epithalamine. This reactivates the production of cellular telomerase, thus slowing down aging and rejuvenating the body.

What is Epithalamine?

Of all the biopeptides, epithalamine is the most studied. It is secreted by the pineal gland, which is also responsible for the production of melatonin. Epitalone is precisely synthesized epitalamine. A study conducted by Russian experts proved that in rats, epithalamine increased life expectancy by 25%.

Epitalon Testimonials

A clinical study of senile and adult individuals conducted by Russian experts which lasted 15 years, showed that mortality decreased by almost 50% after taking biopeptides, with physiological functions generally improving. Biopeptides are formed when a peptide binds several amino acids. These peptides are bio-regulators and stimulate brain activity and cell division, and are even able to reduce tumors.


Telomerase is a telomere-activating enzyme discovered in 1999. It works by restoring the ends of telomeres after each cell division to their original length, thus stopping the biological clock embedded in the human body. As the years go by, less and less telomerase is produced in the body. However,  is able to reactivate its production in cells.

Double-stranded DNA

In the nucleus of each cell is double-stranded DNA. Each time the cell divides, the chromosomes shorten. Telomeres are located at the end of DNA strands and prevent the loss of genetic information that would normally occur when chromosomes shorten. But with each cell division, the telomeres become shorter. Many age-related diseases occur as a result of this constant shortening of telomeres. In theory, if telomere production is stimulated, cells will be able to constantly renew and divide, drastically slowing down the aging process.

This is where the power and potential of Epitalon lies. Administration of this peptide (for 12 years) has been shown to prolong telomeres in test subjects; as a result, their life expectancy increased by 30-50% compared to those not taking Epitalon. And the benefit is not only longer life but also better health, as renewed cells are a guarantee for a stronger immune system.

Buy Epitalon Peptide

Epitalon peptide benefits including improving longevity seem amazing. For those searching for more information about high-quality research peptides see this link: These research chemicals are there for those in the science and research industry. A lot of work is still needed to be done to bring these and other research chemicals to mainstream medicine.

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Peptide Sciences Tesamorelin – Results So Far

Peptide Sciences TesamorelinPeptide Sciences Tesamorelin: Tesamorelin is a small peptide and man-made form of GHRH (growth-hormone-releasing peptide). It is used to decrease excess fat in the stomach caused by taking anti-HIV drugs. Formally known in the research and science community as TH9507 this peptide controls the brain’s secretion of GHRF. The growth-hormone-releasing factor forces the production and distribution of growth hormones in the body. This increases metabolism, lowers abdominal fat, improves the body shape and energy levels.

All of this helps reduce abdominal fat in HIV-positive people with few side effects. In studies, Tesamorelin has shown to be better than using growth hormone on its own. However, the belly fat can return when the Tesamorelin dosage has been stopped. It does not affect the fat layer just below the skin of any other part of the body. Before doctors will prescribe Tesamorelin, it is often recommended that a CT scan of the abdomen be performed to confirm the presence of excess abdominal fat.

Tesamorelin Peptide Results

Tesamorelin has been shown to be effective in treating abnormal abdominal fat accumulation in the context of HIV infection and antiretroviral therapy. In further studies with Tesamorelin, it has shown to be effective in lowering the fat that accumulates in the liver and causes liver damage in people with HIV infection. This synthetic peptide, called Tesamorelin (trademark of Egrifta), is available as an injection solution. Recently, Tesamorelin has been the focus of research on its applicability for the treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in people with HIV infection.

A Study with Tesamorelin Peptide Dosage

Tesamorelin reduces visceral adipose tissue in HIV-infected patients with abdominal lipo-hypertrophy. It can lower abdominal fat in all subjects. The peptide sciences Tesamorelin has had positive results in improving cognitive function in cognitively normal and slightly impaired adults in a placebo-controlled study. This study by researcher Dr. Laura D. Bakerhere discovered the following. The results of standard tests of executive function and verbal memory were significantly higher in participants receiving Tesamorelin (trademark Egrifta), a synthetic analog of growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH), in a 20-week study. Participants taking the drug in the study for 78 people also reported a greater subjective improvement in cognition compared with the placebo group.

A trial with healthy adults in the mid-2000s with GHRH (growth-hormone-releasing hormone) found small important improvements in cognitive test results. More current studies by the National Aging Institute discovered tests done on adults with mild cognitive impairment found Tesamorelin provided some positive protection among patients with cognitive impairment.

Tesamorelin can reduce lipodystrophy in individuals. Lipodystrophy is a condition people suffer where the location of body fat changes and accumulates in different areas such as the abdominal, stomach, and liver. This is visceral body fat. Often peptides such as Tesamorelin, Sermorelin, and GHRP-6 can encourage HGH production and therefore result in fat loss.

Possible Tesamorelin Benefits and Side effects

Tesamorelin’s benefits include an impressive reduction in belly fat and effectiveness in increasing growth hormone. Side effects logged with Tesamorelin are mostly irritation from the injection. Swelling and tingling in the fingers or hands. Tesamorelin can also cause high blood sugar and increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. In clinical trials, the best dosage that worked was tesamorelin  2mg once a day into the stomach.

Tesamorelin Peptide for sale

Tesamorelin is still classed as a research peptide and is still being extensively tested. So far it has shown to be effective in many areas of health issues. These special research chemicals are available for all research facilities. They are not for human consumption. For those in this industry Peptide Sciences Tesamorelin, 2mg is available HERE: Tesamorelin 2mg (10 Vial Kit) special offer

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Peptide Sciences Review

peptide sciences reviewThis Peptide Sciences review is a guide about what makes Peptide Sciences one of the leading research chemical companies in the USA! First and foremost they provide some of the purest research products and a huge selection. In fact, Peptide Sciences work with WHO/GMP and ISO 900:2008 approved manufacturers providing the best quality and purest products at competitive prices. Peptide Sciences provides customers old and new with the best quality research chemicals and at great prices. In fact, Peptide Sciences are the trusted source to go to for those involved in the research industry! After all, if you are studying new chemicals you want the best you can buy. For more information about peptides science reviews and all read on…

Where is Peptide Sciences Located?

Peptide Sciences is located in California, USA. The best point about buying research products from Peptide Sciences is they, not only ship across the US but they provide worldwide shipping. So that means international buyers have the opportunity to purchase high-grade pure peptides, proteins, and amino acids. Anybody choosing to buy peptides from Peptide Sciences won’t be disappointed. There is a huge selection of research chemicals to choose from, their website lists over 115 products!

Purity Peptide Labs and Testing Info

Using state of the art technology Peptide Sciences supply only premium quality research chemicals. The company prides itself on every product they sell is at least 99% pure. This is crucial for continued testing and investigation in the scientific community. After all, these results could play a part in the future in cures and treatments to so many conditions and diseases. So working with the best first-class research chemicals is imperative. So far a lot of the evidence has discovered some peptides can treat obesity, muscle wastage, growth hormone deficiencies, and wrinkles!

Peptide Sciences Discount Code and More

Whether it is savings from promo codes, or multi-buy offers, free shipping on certain amounts, free products when you buy over a specific amount, with Peptides Science there are plenty of promotions! The company provides an easy ordering system via their website with a fast and efficient delivery service. There is a choice of payment options including all major credit cards, 24/7 ordering 24/7, and an easy contact service by email. The established company is one of the major players in the research and scientific industry. You are guaranteed 100% total satisfaction!

Peptides Sciences Reviews: Feedback from You

Ralf, Alabama, “I have ordered several times from over the past year and can honestly say each time has been extremely positive. In the past, I have used other research companies but found the products not as good. Some of the products are slightly more expensive but I think they are worth it. There are a lot of inferior chemicals online so I prefer to buy from a trusted source!

Alice, New York, “I have ordered a few times and had excellent service both times. The website is easy to navigate, with easy payment options. The package arrived on time and packed well. A legit company!

Harry, UK, “I have used Peptide Sciences a few times now simply because they have a huge choice of research chemicals. Shipping took a few days but the quality makes it worth the wait. It is cost-effective for me to spend big with this company, and luckily they have bulk offers!”

A Brief Guide to Peptides?

Peptides are short chains of amino acids linked amid 2 and 50 amino acids and joined by peptide bonds. The word peptide comes from the Greek word meaning to digest. There are many different forms of peptide groups that exist and classed by their functions. Whist natural peptides exist in animals, human beings, plants, and food; many of these have been used by scientists to create biologically active peptides. This now means that man-made research peptides are being discovered and linked in studies to various treatments. So far these findings lead to a huge choice of peptides being established to have positive effects on treating many health conditions. This means they can help in most parts of the body including; brain, cancer, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, endocrine, immune, inflammatory, renal, respiratory, neurotropic, and skin.

Peptides Sciences Review – Peptide Pros

As with all online companies, there is often good and bad feedback. One good point to consider with Peptide Sciences is they have extremely strict testing procedures to guarantee at least 99% purity! This is one of the most important factors when purchasing peptides. If you want to do more research you can type in Peptide Sciences review on Reddit and check for yourself. On the other hand, if you are in the research trade and searching for research chemicals here is a good example of affordable peptides for sale. You can buy peptide science Ipamorelin 2 mg for $26.50 or Ipamorelin 5mg for $46.00!

To summarize our Peptide Sciences review if you were asked the question where to buy peptide products the answer is simple! If you check out USA Peptides now you will see the entire range of products for sale for research with Peptide Sciences.

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Peptide Therapy – What is it?

peptide therapyPeptide therapy (peptide receptor-mediated radiotherapy – PRRT) is an in-patient nuclear medicine treatment for patients with metastatic neuroendocrine tumors. Research peptides are widely available for experts to study to find new treatments. Some are already being used to treat some diseases. Here is an example of how peptides can help.

How does the principle of peptide therapy work?

Neuroendocrine tumors, well-differentiated neuroendocrine carcinomas, and their metastases have somatostatin receptors on their surface. Somatostatin analogs bind to these structures. These can be used both for diagnosis and for therapy by binding radioactive tracers to them. As a result, the radiation can be brought directly to the metastases. Therefore a specific fight against the cancer cells can take place without any relevant side effects occurring. For which diseases is peptide therapy suitable? Metastatic neuroendocrine tumors and well-differentiated neuroendocrine carcinomas with sufficient somatostatin receptors.

Which alternative therapy methods are available?

As a rule, peptide therapy is only used when the standard therapy according to the guidelines (surgery, somatostatin analogs, chemotherapy) has been exhausted and the disease still progresses.

What are the requirements for peptide therapy and what preliminary examinations are necessary?

In an interdisciplinary tumor board, the indication to carry out peptide therapy is given and an application for reimbursement is made to the health insurance company.

  • Detailed anamnesis of previous and ongoing therapies, especially therapy with depot somatostatin.
  • Determination of the somatostatin receptor stock with 99mTc-labeled somatostatin analog and/or 68Ga-DOTA-PET / CT.
  • Laboratory tests – v. a. Blood count parameters for estimating the bone marrow reserve and retention parameters.
  • Kidney sequence scintigraphy to determine and monitor the progress of kidney function.

How is peptide therapy carried out?

The treatment takes place under inpatient conditions and usually lasts between 2 and 5 days. On the day of admission, there will be a laboratory check after another consultation with the doctor. The infusion program with an amino acid solution to protect the kidneys begins in the late morning, which is why a sufficiently high amount of fluids is necessary during the course. After about 1 hour, the therapeutic agent (in most cases 177Lu-somatostatin analog) is also administered into the vein within half an hour. To control the accumulation of the therapeutic agent on the tumor cells, multiple full-body images are created in the stationary process. The radiation emanating from the patient is continuously monitored so that the time of discharge can be read in cooperation with the medical physicists.

What side effects are possible?

As part of the amino acid infusion, temporary malaise and nausea can occur. But this can be treated very well with medication or even avoided with prophylactic administration. In the first few weeks after therapy, the blood count parameters can worsen somewhat and a fatigue syndrome can occur. By using a 177Lu-somatostatin analog as a therapeutic agent, the risk of relevant kidney damage in the course is not likely.

What successes can be expected?

The peptide therapy used in otherwise “exhausted” patients generally does not lead to a cure, even if complete remissions can occasionally be achieved. In 70% of the cases, there is a reduction in symptoms and a measurable reduction in the size of the tumor manifestations can be achieved in 30% of the cases. This leads to an extension of the so-called progression-free survival (NETTER 1 Trial).

What happens after the therapy?

After discharge, regular outpatient laboratory checks should be carried out in the first few weeks. Sandostatin therapy can be resumed between courses of therapy. According to the guidelines, the therapy can be repeated 5 times at an interval of approximately 12 weeks if only 177Lu-somatostatin analog is used. An outpatient check of kidney function (sequential scintigraphy) is carried out before each new cycle. In addition, the response to treatment should be checked at regular intervals with regular re-staging examinations.



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Where to Buy Legit TB500 Peptide

where to buy legit tb500When you are in the research business it can be hard knowing who to trust to supply high-grade and pure research chemicals.  After all, you need the best results when finding new cures and treatments for health conditions! In this post, we look at the best place where to buy legit tb500 peptide. Plus we explore more about this research peptide TB-500 peptide and discover what it does!

What is TB500?

TB-500 is an injectable peptide that can be used to support healing, boost strength in the event of injury. It can reduce pain in the event of injury by reducing inflammation. So far, the main use has been in humans and mostly limited to those in the fitness world. This is however illegal and TB500 is classed as a research peptide and still being tested. TB500 was initially created to be used in equestrian sports to help build muscle, endurance, and strength in racehorses. It is, however, still only legit to buy TB500 for research. It is not for human or animal consumption.

When is the TB-500 Peptide used for?

TB-500 Peptide in studies was found to help in severe injury cases in particular when healing was found to be slow or in chronic injury cases where no healing occurred. The types of injuries that this peptide can heal include tendinitis, torn muscle fibers, and strains. But it is thought it could treat many more types of muscle and connective tissue injuries, as well as skin injuries. When a muscle injury results in weakened flexibility, the peptide TB-500 can provide significant development. In equestrian sports, it is claimed that TB-500 prevents adhesions from forming. Unfortunately, there is no real support has been disclosed in the case of human use and research continues. But there is considerable proof that TB-500 helps treat existing adhesions.

How Effective TB-500 with Growth Hormones or GHRP?

While TB-500 can be effective on its own, there is some feedback that it can provide better results from blending TB-500 with growth hormone (GH). As an alternative to using TB-500 alone, the healing effects can also be increased by combining TB-500 with a GHRP. This can be GHRP-2 and GHRP-6, also Ipamorelin, or Hexarelin, or a blend of GHRP with Mod GRF. Of these two signs of progress, the TB-500 and growth hormone stack is the most helpful.

How is the TB-500 used?

TB-500 is usually available as a lyophilized (freeze-dried) powder in 2 mg ampoules. The average amount of sterile or bacteriostatic water, added is for e.g. 1 ml. Most dosing routines are to inject the entire contents of one ampoule at one time. If the entire ampoule is injected at once, it will draw up the total contents in a syringe on average an insulin syringe and then this amount is injected. The injection can be subcutaneous, intramuscular, or intravenous.

Where Does TB500 Originate From?

TB-500 is a synthetic version of a naturally occurring peptide found in all human and animal cells, thymosin beta 4 (TB4). The peptide consists of 44 amino acids. The main achievement of this peptide is the healing of injuries and micro-traumas, and the restoration of the body after hard training.

Main Benefits of TB-500 Peptide

Like all research peptides being studied, there are positive and negative findings. Here we look at the pros and cons of TB500:

  • Anti-inflammatory results
  • Helpful in hair growth
  • Increases muscle mass and strength
  • Improves joint mobility, flexibility, and ligament health
  • Protects and restores the nervous system
  • Relieves muscle spasm
  • Fast rate of injury recovery

As you can see there are many positive findings from research with TB500. Side Effects logged so far are mostly mild. These can include irritation from the injection area, headaches, and nausea. But, most disappear after a while.

Summarize: Where to Buy Legit TB500?

Now you know about TB500 peptide the next question is how you find the best place where to buy TB500. The answer is USA Peptides. You will see there is a huge choice of high-quality Peptide Sciences peptides, amino acids, and proteins including TB-500 for sale. They are all clinically tested and of the highest quality money can buy. Browse the site now!




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Best Peptides for Muscle Growth

Peptides for Muscle Growth  In this post, we look at the top 5 best peptides for muscle growth. You may be familiar with peptides as they exist naturally within the body to make it function properly. In fact, natural peptides are around us everywhere in animals, humans, and food. But, with this information scientists have developed artificially research peptides that replica some of the important actions needed within the body. Peptides are essential for natural muscle growth, controlling testosterone, and weight. These are issues that can be a problem as we age. To date, studies have shown certain peptides influence muscle growth. Here we discover more facts and the best peptides for muscle growth 2020 so read on…

What are Peptides?

First, we ask the question what are Peptides? Peptides are small chains of amino acids the main structure of proteins. The main job of peptides is to link with the body’s receptors at the cell level to supply precise actions and instructions. Peptides provide numerous functions in the body acting as hormones and boosting testosterone. They also signal neurotransmitters to increase human growth hormone (HGH) naturally. These processes all go to controlling the reactions of the body, such as diet, exercise, mood, and memory. Peptides play a huge part in building muscle and strength and were developed to treat muscle wastage diseases. However, with these results, they inevitably get into the hands of bodybuilders. But, this is for information only and they are not for human consumption. We are not promoting you to buy peptides for bodybuilding!

Top 5 Peptides for Muscle Growth

Here we look at the top 5 peptides that have been effective in promoting muscle growth in research. These are important discoveries because as we age muscles become weak, and can cause many life-changing problems. In addition, muscle wastage can occur after cancer treatment. So it is essential to find a treatment!

GHRP-2 and GHRP-6

GHRP or growth hormone-releasing peptide has strong effects on muscle gain. It is one of the strongest peptides and in research can increase lean muscle mass and decrease fat. Other facts about GHRP include increased muscle and strength, better sleep quality, increased appetite, and improved energy levels. GHRP-2 and GHRP-6 work slightly different for more information read this link:


Ipamorelin is a research peptide and a growth hormone or GH. This GH peptide encourages growth hormone secretion from the pituitary gland. It is effective at boosting lean muscle mass, aids fat loss, and also has anti-aging benefits in improving skin and nails.


Hexarelin is another GHRP and releases growth hormone into the body. It has the ability to boost cell reproduction in the muscles making them leaner and more pronounced. Hexarelin can also improve bone density which decreases the risk of osteoporosis. Like the other peptides, it increases muscle and strength, lowers body fat, improves energy, and has healing properties. This means it can help injuries in ligaments and tendons.


Follistatin in studies has shown to be effective in cell growth in the body and can increase muscle tissue in reaction to muscle damage. The peptide Follistatin can build muscle quickly and can limit muscle growth. This stops the muscle from growing out of control. Follistatin has been positive in improving fertility.


CJC-1295 is a research peptide that works by increasing plasma GH levels within the body. It works like other peptides and can build lean muscle mass, define muscle, and boost energy levels. Other benefits include fat burning, a better quality of sleep, and help reduce wrinkles.

Peptides for Muscle Growth

There are numerous peptides out there showing excellent results in so many age-related problems. These we looked at earlier for muscle growth are often classed as some of the best peptides for weight loss too.  But there are so many peptides in development in research, so new results will more than likely be found soon. Peptides are hoped one day to be the key to treating many age-related diseases and conditions!