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Exciting Guide to PT-141 Peptides

PT-141 Peptides Research into PT-141 peptides has discovered that this treatment can work effectively in men and women to boost sexual function. PT-141 peptide is an artificial research hormone that is also known as Bremelanotide. It is a groundbreaking peptide hormone that is effective in treating both erectile dysfunctions. It has the ability to increase sexual desire and arousal in men and women. The need for treatments to treat sexual problems like PT-141 peptides are on the increase. This is due to so many factors such as anxiety, alcohol, depression, guilt, hectic lifestyles, medical conditions, prescription drugs, recreational drugs, stress, and smoking. In this post, we discover more about PT-141

What is the PT-141 Experience?

We already know there are treatments such as Cialis and Viagra available for this problem. But, they are PDE-5 inhibitors and work to increase blood flow to the penis. And it is thought it can boost blood flow to the female genitals to improve desire. PT-141 works differently and works with the brain to improve desire and sexual function. The peptide PT 141 was formed from studies with the tanning peptide Melanotan 2. During clinical tests on patients, it was revealed that a notable side effect they experienced was an increase in sexual excitement. This of course was a more positive side effect that could help treat a condition that affects people worldwide!

How Does PT-141 Work

The peptide PT-141 works directly with the body’s nervous system and increases arousal, desire, and sexual fulfillment. Other treatments like Viagra and Cialis work differently via the vascular system. This means it only provides an erection. The additional advantage of PT-141 is it can not only give an erection but also boost desire and motivation. For many people, this is an all-rounder in improving intimacy and brings back passion in a relationship. Finally, because peptides work through the nervous system and not the cardiovascular it means they are safer. This means anyone with cardio conditions can still have a healthy sex life.

PT-141 Peptide for Sale

USA Peptides supplies PT-141 peptide dosage in its raw state for more research. But, Bremelanotide PT 141 was actually permitted for use by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) in 2019. It is available under the trade name Vylessi as a prescription drug for men and women. At the moment the only legit form of PT-141 is only available as an injection. This has to be administered by subcutaneous injection into a fatty area of skin.  Whilst there are plenty of pt-141 peptide nasal spray products, creams, and oral pills available none are as effective as PT-141 injection.

Example: PT-141 Peptide Dosage

As we discussed PT-141/Bremelanotide is only available by prescription. So if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms it might be worth contacting your physician:

  • Emotional problems such as anxiety stress and shame
  • Inability to attain an erection and maintain one long enough for full intercourse
  • Lack of desire and sensation
  • Painful intercourse

Although, everyone is different the most effective dosage of PT-141/ Bremelanotide varies. A doctor will likely advise a low dosage first of 2mg, about an hour before intercourse. Some studies have found 1mg sufficient but might take an extra 30 minutes to work. For some patients, it can take up to 4 hours to work. Experts recommend it to be only used 3 times per week. For each case, it really needs to be discussed with your doctor.

Benefits of PT-141 Peptide Hormone

For men and women with sexual dysfunction treatments such as PT-141 peptides, Cialis and Viagra are life-changing. This means it can improve:

  • Sexual desire and performance
  • Improve confidence
  • Better sex, improving mood, and lowering depression and stress
  • Improve the relationship

Bremelanotide PT-141 Peptide Side Effects

As with all new medication, there can be problems experienced by users. Side effects noted from patients that have used PT-141 include facial flushing, high blood pressure, and nausea. The high blood pressure is connected with PT-141 nasal spray and can be reduced by adjusting the dosage.

Where to Buy PT-141 Peptides and More…

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