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In addition to this, you can trust this company to provide high-quality and pure Follistatin 344 among other research chemicals. Plus, they ship worldwide for an additional charge. However, for those new to this research peptide why not read on for more about this interesting peptide…

What is Follistatin 344?

Follistatin 344 is a full-sized man-made protein from the natural protein Follistatin. The main job of Follistain 344 is to neutralize proteins in the TGF-BETA family. It is has a strong effect on myostatin and follicle-stimulating hormone. In research studies with animals, Follistatin-344 increased muscle mass significantly, lowered scar formation, and stopped some inflammatory responses. This research is being undertaken as a possible treatment for muscle wastage diseases. However, in recent years it has got into the hands of the bodybuilding community because of its muscle-building properties. But, it is not legal for this use. Follistatin 344 is only sold to scientists for research use. It is not for human use.

How Follistatin 344 Works to Increase Muscle

Follistatin-344 is a protein that can build muscle mass much better than the body can do. It was first created in laboratories when scientists were investigating the follicular fluid known as porcine found in the ovaries. Naturally, Follistatin is made in the liver and most of the body tissue. Follistatin is a protein found in almost all mammals including humans. It consists of a large amount of the non-essential amino acid cystine. It is not just a protein it also consists of carbohydrates. Follistatin 344 is the research version and was developed from natural Follistatin. Scientists have discovered it has numerous muscle and strength-building properties.

Does follistatin 344 work?

From studies, experts find that the correct Follistatin 344 dosage completely removes myostatin production in the body. Thus, allowing for the lean muscle to form. With the right follistatin 344 dosages, some patients see as much as 1-2 pounds of lean muscle gains.

Is follistatin legal?

Follistatin is legit to buy online for research purposes only. It is banned for human use in sporting competitions by WADA.

Follistatin 344 Benefits

We have already found that Follistatin 344 has the capability to build muscle mass and strength. But with continued research, it has been found to have a number of positive benefits in other areas of the body including:

  • Studies with Follistatin 344 improved hair growth and occurred after only one follistatin injection and remained for 1 year
  • Fat loss
  • Gene Therapy is a technique where follistatin is introduced into the body’s cells and can cure many diseases
  • Protects the liver, heart, and reproductive organs
  • Improves Endurance
  • Improve insulin levels in Diabetes 1 and 2
  • Can treat some cancers

Side Effects of Follistatin-344

Whilst it is great to see all the positive effects of follistatin-344, there are a few problems that have been logged from studies. These are; an increase in hunger, weakness in joints and ligaments, headaches, and sickness.

Natural Follistatin Supplement

Follistatin naturally is made in the body and is responsible for muscle growth, fertility and inflammation. It is a mixture that is made of sugar and proteins molecules or a glycoprotein. Natural follistatin is made in the liver and found in most of the body tissues. It has many roles in the body and can also boost cell growth in the body. You can increase your intake of Follistatin naturally by supplementing your food intake with the following follistatin rich foods:

  • Blackberries
  • Cocoa powder
  • Green tea
  • Plain chocolate
  • Egg yolks
  • Raspberries

As well as improving your diet with these foods it is possible to boost follistatin by combining exercise and intermittent fasting to improve levels of follistatin 344.

Follistatin 344 Review

The main research result with follistatin-344 is it shows a significant boost in muscle growth. In addition, it can lower body fat and improve fertility in men and women. Follistatin 344 is a newer research peptide in the science and research community, thus a lot more study is needed before experts can roll it out into health care systems. So with this, it is still illegal to use on the human body. But, it is available to buy for licensed scientists for further development and research. Follistatin 344 has many benefits and has a lot of promise for the future in treating various medical issues.

Follistatin 344 for Sale

As we have stated Follistatin 344 is a research product and is for study use only. This means it is only permitted for use in strict for in-vitro testing and laboratory experimentation. All of the information on this product is for educational use only. It is only allowed for use by those in the research industry.

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