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If you are not familiar with PNC-27 read on to find out how this remarkable man-made cancer peptide works and how it kills cancer cells.

What is PNC-27?

PNC-27 is a man-made research peptide created with the purpose to destroy cancer cells. It is part of the PNC group of research proteins. These were designed to connect with the abnormal cancer cells and make them die through cell necrosis and at the same time not affect any of the normal healthy cells in any way. In research PNC-27 tested on animals has found it to be effective in targeting all types of cancer, including breast cancer, leukemia, melanoma, and pancreatic. This peptide was exclusively developed to target and destroy cancer cells. PNC 27 peptide is still being studied but one day could help save millions of lives around the globe.

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It is important if you source a reliable company when buying research peptides. Our website USA Peptides only promotes the best research companies in the USA. You will find we have a huge selection of Peptide Sciences products for sale to all research establishments.  This company is highly trusted among this community and only supplies the best quality research chemicals. You can rest assured when you want to buy peptides, amino acids, and proteins these are the company to go to! All of their research chemicals have been tested for safety and purity. To buy PNC-27 5mg $150.00 CLICK HERE NOW!

How does PNC-27 Peptide Work?

The cancer peptide PNC-27 was first developed to stop HIV. But studies discovered it has the capability to join the cancer cells and kill them whilst not affecting any healthy human cells.  PNC-27 is a non-toxic cancer peptide that kills cancer cells. It can do this by connecting to the individual membranes of the cancer cells. This process causes holes in the membranes and with this, a fast implosion happens quickly and causes death to the cells.

PCN 27 Results

Laboratory tests have come to the decision that PNC-27 or the anti-cancer peptide is effective at destroying cancer cells with minimal side effects. Nevertheless, in tests on animals, some minor problems were logged including back pain, dry skin, headache, high blood pressure, nose bleed, rectal bleeding, and skin inflammation. The research peptide PNC-27 is still in the early trial stages of studies. Whilst it has shown many positive results in destroying cancer cells, more needs to be done.

Whilst there is an abundance of research chemical companies with PNC-27 for sale, it is only for research purposes. PNC-27 has still not had adequate testing to be rolled out into mainstream medicine. There have been no major incidents or reactions reported with PNC-27 but it is not out there yet. Any issues with cancer should be discussed with your consultant. We would like to point out that as yet it is not approved for human use by the FDA (US Food & Drug Administration).

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Peptides can be purchased from various sources, including online retailers and physical stores. However, it is important to be cautious when buying peptides, as there are many illegitimate sources and counterfeit products on the market.

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