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Buy Vilon PeptideBuy Vilon Peptide 20mg Bioregulator  for research at the competitive price of $65.00. We supply Peptide Sciences Vilon peptide for laboratory use into reducing aging disease. Studies to date show Vilon peptide has a Positive effect on the immune system. Overall, Vilon research shows it can promote hemostasis, reduce tumor growth, and regulate the vascular system.


What Is Vilon?

VILON is a research peptide whose active ingredient is a short dipeptide with the same name. It has a beneficial effect on the human body because it supports and regulates the thymus, the central organ of the immune system. The thymus is a unique organ of the immune system. Cells called T lymphocytes mature inside the thymus. These cells are essential for the adaptive immune system, where the body adapts to specific external invasions. The functional activity of the thymus significantly lowered after puberty. It is associated with premature degeneration of this organ.

How Does Vilon Work?

The activation and normalization of the functioning of the thymus lead to a cascade of positive effects. These help fight current diseases and protect against new ones emerging. Physiologically, short peptides are active compounds. They modulate various cellular and molecular processes in the thymus.

Through research and experimental studies, VILON effectively treats
-reduces thymus function due to age and radiation exposure
-immunopathological states caused by intense physical exercise,
-stressful conditions and other causes of immunodeficiency.

Numerous clinical studies have shown that the specific effects of VILON include:

-inhibition of apoptosis (cell death)
-stimulation of the proliferation of immune cells
-promoting tissue regeneration
-the reduction of inflammation

Vilon Peptide Benefits

  • The use of the VILON supplement and conventional therapy accelerates the processes of tissue regeneration and the restoration of body functions.
  • Clinical studies show that the administration of VILON to elderly patients with generic chronic diseases helps to reduce the duration of the disease processes.
  • Experimental and clinical studies demonstrate the safety of routine administration of VILON. They suggest that its neuroprotective properties can prevent age-related diseases in adults and older people
  • VILON is an effective peptide for stopping premature aging and increasing human longevity. It is effective for all adults over 18 who want to strengthen their immune systems.

Buy Vilon Peptide for Research

Buy Vilon peptide for education and development needs now. We supply premium quality research peptide Vilon 20mg (Bioregulator) for the amazing price of $65.00. For those in the research sector you can save money from buying in bulk with us. Our research products are made in the USA by Peptide Sciences. A leading research company in California.

Vilon Summary

Vilon is a GPCR  or a G protein-coupled receptor,  and in research has many beneficial uses. From studies it shows it can reduce aging diseases, and promote youthfulness. Vilon is relatively new to the research market. It is not for human consumption.

As with many research peptides they come from naturally occurring peptides. So, they have limitations and  have a long way to go before being passed for use in general treatments. The main problem is they lack absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion in the human body. Therefore they are not stable and only have a limited duration.  Ultimately, they need much more development!

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