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Buy SYN-AKE For Anti-Aging Research

Buy SYN-AKEBuy Syn -AKE for research use only here today. We supply Peptide Science Syn-ake 200mg for the unbeatable price of $230.00. The research tripeptide is effective in relaxing facial muscles and reducing lines and wrinkles. The cosmetic industry is finding Syn-ake to be effective in small amounts in face creams, gels, and lotions.

Syn-AKE is a small synthetic peptide that helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and laughter lines – fast. When applied to the skin, it helps improve the appearance of the skin by smoothing out the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Syn-AKE products come with an SPF 30 to ensure that skin gets the benefits of the active ingredients. Syn-AKE is clinically proven to be effective and fast-acting – working within days to restore a smoother, more youthful-looking complexion.


What Is Syn-ake?

Syn-AKE will provide you with the skin of your dreams, but what exactly is it? It’s an eye cream that contains three different types of active ingredients that are clinically proven to provide anti-aging benefits to the skin: peptides, antioxidants, and hydration. There are no filler or filler-like ingredients like fillers in anti-aging products you’ll find in other eye creams.

What Is The Main Ingredient In Syn-ake?

SYN-AKE -is a potent peptide for smoothing skin and wrinkles. Syn-Ake is a peptide of synthetic origin, which Swiss scientists created. The company decided to develop a peptide that would be different from the well-known Argireline and Leuphasyl. Thus, it provided customers with a completely new ingredient similar to snake venom. Simply put, this peptide is a muscle nicotinic receptor antagonist. Thanks to this effect, the product quickly and effectively smoothes mimics wrinkles.

Is Syn-ake Safe?

The peptide Syn-AKE contains venom from the temple viper snake. With this, you could think it is unsafe or dangerous to humans. But, you don’t have to worry it is perfectly safe for human use. Plus, effective in fighting fine lines and wrinkles!

How Does Syn-ake Peptide Work?

The purpose of the dipeptide is neuromuscular activity, more precisely, relaxation of the facial muscles to avoid deepening wrinkles. Syn-ake acts like snake venom, an antagonist of the muscle nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nmAChR). Amino acids from reptile venom block the production of neurotransmitters (the culprits of muscle contraction), preventing the muscles from contracting. The result is an incredible effect of relaxing and smoothing the skin of the face, supported by moisturizing glucan-delta-lactone.

Does SYN-AKE Work?

There is no getting away from wrinkles forming.  But it is possible to stop them. The best way to prevent deep wrinkles is to make sure you develop a strict beauty regime. Light wrinkles begin to form about 35 years of age, so including a dipeptide in the care is reasonable. Nightly treatment of an SYN-AKE skin product will help keep the skin youthful by relieving excessive tension from the facial muscles.

Can You Use SYN-AKE for Every Eye Problem?

The peptide can have a pronounced and slight wrinkle smoothing effect. It is noticeable on the horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, vertical creases between the eyebrows, oblique wrinkles on the bridge of the nose and at the back of the nose, and the outer corners of the eye. A slight smoothing of wrinkles is noticeable after two weeks of use on wrinkles on the eyelids and nasolabial folds, and the neck.

SYN-AKE Benefits

Peptide Syn-ake prevents wrinkles around the mouth. For the best results, the peptide treatment should be used for at least 28 days, thus providing the following:
– reduced depth of wrinkles
– a reduction of the wrinkles at the mouth
– smoothing of crow’s feet
– firming the skin
– improving skin elasticity
– active resistance to the formation of new wrinkles

Research Performance – Buy SYN-AKE

If you decide to use cosmetics with peptides and want to see the result, you should remember one important rule called “regularity.” Peptides cosmetics only work if applied daily. If not wrinkles accumulate in the skin and begin to show a visible effect after 14 days, reaching the most incredible efficiency after 28-30 days.

In-vivo tests, which the manufacturer carried out, prove a noticeable result in smoothing wrinkles with regular use of the component.

In modern cosmetology, peptides are the most promising direction in the fight against age-related skin changes. Today, many cosmetic brands produce cosmetics lines that contain the tripeptide Syn-ake. These include face creams, gels, serums, Intensive anti-aging creams, and lotions.


Syn-ake Side Effects

As with all research products, there are pros and cons. There is also the matter that some people can have allergic reactions to cosmetic products. Some possible side effects from Syn-ake include itching, swelling, stinging, and skin redness.  Further, side effects can include a “freezing sensation” similar to other anti-aging treatments. But, it is only a temporary problem and doesn’t last.