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Buy PNC-27 Peptide – A Future Cancer Cure?

Buy PNC-27 PeptideWhere is the best place to buy PNC-27 peptide, the promising research peptide that kills cancer cells? PNC-27 is an artificial peptide that can destroy cancer cells in animal studies. It is still in the very early stages of research and does not have FDA approval in the USA as a cancer treatment.

A cancer diagnosis is complex and can lead to feeling frightened and anxious. There are so many types of cancer, so it is hard to know what will happen regarding treatment and the future prognosis. While many people survive cancer, many don’t. Scientific studies are ongoing to develop safe and effective treatments and methods to prevent, detect, discover, and cure the many forms of the disease. Ultimately, PNC-27 is a research peptide that may one-day help prevent or cure the disease.

The anti-cancer PNC-27 is a research peptide[1] not for human or animal consumption. It is for laboratory use only. As regards PNC 27 clinical trials in humans, they are virtually non-existent. The FDA has recently warned the public not to use PNC-27 due to probable contamination and unknown side effects.

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What is PNC-27?

PNC-27 is an artificial research peptide that can kill cancer cells. It is part of a protein group developed to bond with abnormal cancer cells and kills them through cell necrosis while not causing any harm to any healthy cells. 

From studies on animals, experts found PNC-27 dosage to have a positive effect in targeting cancer cells in breast cancer, melanoma, leukemia, and pancreatic. Though PNC-27 is in the early stages of clinical tests, it could save millions of lives.[2]

The research peptide PNC-27 imitates the p53 protein by falsely appearing as a tumor suppressor and attacking another protein called HDM-2 on cancer cell membranes. Scientists first found p53 in 1979 and aptly named the cell protein from its molecular weight of 53 kilodaltons. p53, also called TP53 or tumor protein.[3] Scientific reports suggest it to be a gene that mutates more in human cancers than any other gene. These changes are most common in human malignancies of the breast and colorectal.[4] It is less common in other cancers.

Buy PNC-27 PeptideCan Peptides Cure Cancer?

Every year millions of people globally are diagnosed with cancer.[5] It is the second leading cause of death (after ischaemic heart disease), with over 10 million deaths worldwide, meaning every 6th person dies due to cancer. The most common cancers are breast, lung, colon, rectum and prostate. Over 30% of deaths from cancer are due to smoking, obesity, alcohol, poor nutritional diet and lack of exercise. 

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, and finding a cure still baffles scientists. Over 240 varying tumor forms exist; each is unique, which often means it can escape treatment. Tumors come from the ongoing replica of cells that can’t bond to cell regulators for synchronization. As a result of tumors emerging from the body’s cells, to find a cancer cure, experts need to discover a treatment that kills malignant cells while keeping the healthy cell alive and intact.

Consequently, peptide vaccines are emerging as a cancer therapy and immunotherapeutic way to target the immune system and avoid allergic and reactive progressions. Research peptides can develop and spread tumor T cells to manage or kill cancer cells.

PNC-27 Peptide Destroys Cancer Cells

Peptides are tiny proteins that decline with age. They do not produce on their own naturally. The proteins within the peptides release a certain amount of amino acid that increases specific body functions.

In the case of PNC-27, [6] this research peptide can target cancer cells only and destroy them without harming healthy cells. Expert Dr Michael Bucknell of Liberation Chiropractic & Wellness describes the peptide PNC 27 as a design made by a supercomputer SUNY Downstate Medical Center in New York in 2000. It comes from proteins in moth and fruit flies. The sole motive is to select and kill cancer cells while not harming any healthy cells – an extreme side effect of chemotherapy.

The peptide PNC-27 was bought to life in the laboratories in 2006 to research its impact on varying cancers such as leukemia, melanoma, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer and many others.

PNC-27 Benefits Cancer Patients 

The main benefit of peptide PNC-27 is replicating the natural protein in the body, p53 acting as a tumor suppressor and attacking HDM-2, a protein on cancer cell membranes generating holes in them. The holes influence a variation in pressure similar to water pressure leading to rapid disintegration and, ultimately the destruction of the cancer cells. Studies show that the peptide PNC-27 can terminate a complete culture of millions of cells in about three days or less.

PNC 27 Cancer Treatment

Cancer patients on PNC-27 would experience little or no effect on the immune system, digestive system, and respiratory system as they do with chemotherapy. Conventional treatments such as radiotherapy, surgery, and chemotherapy are very evasive on the body and can cause long-term problems. In the future PNC-27 [7] cancer therapy would help cancer patients have fewer side effects and possibly eradicate cancer. 

PNC-27 Peptide Reviews – Immunotherapy

Research peptides are showing great results as immunotherapeutic means for treating many malignant cancers. Immunotherapeutic products are a treatment that supports the body’s immune system and fights cancer.[8]

What is the Immune System?

The immune system consists of white blood cells, organs, tissues, and a lymph system. It plays a role in the body is to fight infections and various diseases. However, cancer cells are not bacteria or viruses but a mutant of the body’s natural cells. Therefore, this means the immune system has no message to fight the cancer cells in the way it does to fight bacteria and viruses.

What is Immunotherapy?

Studies with immunotherapy treatments such as PNC-27 have been going on for decades as a safer alternative cancer treatment to radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The main property of immunotherapy is that it makes the most of the body’s defense system rather than absorbing harsh chemicals. The newest types of immunotherapy that show promising results in treating cancer without the harmful side effect of chemical toxicity are PNC-27 and PNC-28.

These research peptides work with the MDM2 -P53 tumor suppressor network acting as an aggressive suppressor for binding and boosting the half-life of p53[9] in the cell and aiding the destruction of cancer cells.

Immunotherapy substances can link to the cell membrane and break down the cell. Trials so far with PNC-27[10] and PNC-28 have been successful and is in use in some countries outside of the USA. As far as legal peptides go, PNC-27 does not have FDA approval for use as a cancer treatment in the USA. It is still part of the research peptides group and is not for use on animals or humans.

PNC 27 Side Effects

PNC 27 side effects to date is relatively safe, but data founded in animal studies show PNC-27 can cause:

-back pain
-dry skin
-nose and skin inflammation
-high blood pressure
-nose bleed
-rectal bleeding
-protein in urine
-taste change

Summary of PNC 27 Cancer Treatment

PNC proteins were first found in the early 2000s to stop HIV. But, studies began to show PNC-27 had a positive result in binding to cancer cells and destroying them while not harming healthy cells. PNC-27 cancer peptide is a remarkable discovery for cancer research due to its nontoxic properties. In simple terms, when administered, the PNC-27 dosage targets and attacks cancer cells immediately, destroying them by creating holes in the cancer cells and causing them to die. But, it only kills the cancer cells. Clinical trials with PNC-27 show it to be very successful as a cancer treatment and ensure no relapse occurs.

 Buy PNC-27 PeptideWhere to Buy PNC-27 Peptide?

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